Excellent special DD single phase electronic type ammeter

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Brand: Excellent and special
Type: DD
Type: Needn't fill out
Display form: Figure type
Install the way: Desk-top
Measuring current type: Exchange
Ambient temperature: -30-50 ¡æ
Case and count: 8
Process and customize: Yes
? First, sum up the single-phase prepaid fee electric energy meter of the DDSY870 -type electronic formula, adopt the most advanced specialized integrated circuit design, full automaticity is surface mounted (SMT) The production technology is made. Circuit design and components and parts of the electric energy meter choose to be based on greater environmental permissible deviation, can guarantee the long-term stable operation of the complete machine, high-accuracy, high over load, low power consumption, the unfailing performance is high. It accords with the international canonial and advanced intellectual IC card technology prepaid fee way to adopt, built-in magnetic latching relay. Realize what control is supported is open and broken through the control relay, realize that supervises users to use the electric function after buying the electricity first. Products accord with GB/T17215-2002 " whether 1 and the intersection of 2 and resting type exchange meritorious electric energy meter " and 18460.3-2001<>. ( 18322695188) ? ? Second, working principle a electric energy meter is made the sampling signal of the voltage by the voltage divider, the shunt makes the electric current sampling signal, receive the electric current product signal of the voltage by the multiplier, produce count pulse of frequency proportional to voltage electric current product by frequency change another, through the frequency demultiplication, drive the stepping motor to measure electrical degree. 2,The electric energy of data processing is measured pulse to send CPU to deal with by the photoelectric coupler, store in the memorizer after operation. By the computer management information system, through the reader writer of IC card, certain electric quantity of load and controlling the microprocessor system in the IC card import list required, after CPU operation, offer revealing, warning status signal. Third, specification type and technical parameter: 1, The type specification type of the specification? ? ? ? The accuracy class? ? ? ? ? ? Voltage specification (V)? ? ? ? ? ? Electric current specification (A) DDSY870? ? ? ? ? 1.0? ? 220? 5(20) , 10(40) , 20( 80) 2,Main technical parameter: A, elementary error: The load current? ? The power factor? ? ? ? ? ? The percentage error restricts ' % ) 0.05Ib is less than or equal to I< 0.1Ib? ? ? ? ? 1.0? ? Is the 1.50.1 Ib of ¡À less than or equal to me and less than or equal to Imax? ? ? ? ? ? The 1.00.1 Ib of ¡À is less than or equal to I< 0.2Ib 0.5 (lag behind) 0.8 (advance) ? ? Is the 1.50.2 Ib of ¡À less than or equal to me and less than or equal to Imax? ? ? ? ? ? ¡À 1.0b, electricity parameter (reference condition) : Starting current: 0.4 % Ib power consumption: Voltage circuit & lt; 1.0W, 3.0VA; Circuit & lt of electric current; 1.0VA creeping: Logic defends the circuit voltage range of creeping: 220V¡À 10% operating temperature range: -25 ¡æ stores time & gt +55 ¡æ power down data; Four twenty-year, install and use 1, ammeter up to the standards when being dispatched from the factory, and the letterpress printing of applying a seal, can install and use, if too there is no lead sealing or storage long, should invite the related departments again check-up applies a seal, can install and use. 2,The ammeter is at the place where it is ventilated that it is dry in conformity with installation, the bottom panel which is installed the ammeter should be fixed on firmly and refractorily, on the difficult vibrating wall, the height about about 1.8m of the ammeter. 3,Install and the interstar connection according to Fig. 1, Fig. two, tighten the binding screw, and fasten the connecting plate in the end button box. 4,After inserting its reading of ammeter of the mutual inductor must be multiplied by transformation ratio, it is the real electric energy that is counted. 5,One calorie for a table: IC card on it hold user can't interconversion,when be lost should if you can't get, supply power by department (sale of electricity) Mend and purchase one. 6,Electricity purchasing is prepared: Before electricity purchasing, users must insert the card bed in once the IC card, easy the data will be sent back to the computer database in expressing. 7,Electricity purchasing way: While selling the electricity, insert IC card in the intersection of IC card and reader writer, simultaneous computer, number, purchase electric quantity, warning electric quantity, the intersection of capacity-limit and way and the intersection of capacity-limit and power,etc. in advance, encrypt the load IC card user. 8,The electric card uses: Will purchase the electric card to insert in the card bed, purchase the electric card effectively in this way, then the ammeter reads in the data in the table automatically, LCD(LED) Table display screen reveals sequentially: Purchase the electric quantity (P0 == XXXX), purchase the electric quantity (P =XX XXXX), the number of times of electricity purchasing (PC == XXXX), warning electric quantity (P1 ==XXXX), buy on dredit and put a limit on quantity(P2 == XXXX)The intersection of capacity-limit and power (F0X= XX: XX). Please keep the draw out card properly.

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