Work station of the chromatogram (N2000V4.0 edition)

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N2000 chromatogram work station (V4.0 edition)
Through the development and popularization in five years for five years of research institute of Zhejiang University's intellectual information engineering, N2000 has already been the domestic chromatogram work station of maximum of occupancy volume on the market. The products are authorized through ISO90001, is appraised as the national-level new product; The production firm of the chromatographic instrument forms a complete set and sells.
N2000 chromatogram work station characteristic introduction
Offer the free staging, the edition can be used under WIN9X, WIN2000, WINxp at present, and there is Chinese and English editions
Truss up the management software of the laboratory; The hardware offers for one year the quality is protected.
N2000 chromatogram work station producer: It is scientific and technological to have a match intelligently
Brief introduction of N2000 chromatogram work station: N2000 chromatogram work station
The price of work station of N2000 chromatogram:
N2000 chromatogram work station cycle: Supply long-termly from stock
Professional N2000 chromatogram work station manufacturer, has a match intelligently the scientific & technical corporation specializes in N serial double-channel chromatogram work stations, the domestic cost performance is the highest, the producer of work station of chromatogram served, its N2000 chromatogram work station characteristic produced is steady, it is you that select to purchase N2000 preferably choice of work station of chromatograms!

N2000 chromatogram work station (V4.0 edition) Technical indicator:
1.The solvent peak of automatic recognition, tailing peak, sawtooth peak, front and back shoulder peak.
2.Self-regulate the parameter (peak width, slope) in the analysis procedure .
3.The base curve is autotracked, divide the peak type of chromatograms automatically; The placement arises in the peak.
4.Strong manual total mark function, add peak reducing, the baseline adjustment of the peak, cut the way to adjust.
5.The intersection of integral sensitivity and 1 & middot; Second, 0.1 microvolts of minimum resolution, minimum peak width is 0.1 seconds.
6.Software such as result of the data but and Microsoft Excel, Word share; Picture software such as spectrogram of data but and Photoshop, CorelDRAW share.
7.Analyze the function again, file in data.
8.Quantitative algorithmic method: The normalization, correct the normalization, internal standard method, dividing into groups law, external standard method, index method.

N2000 chromatogram work station (V4.0 edition) Hardware:
1.The double channel, Built-in External.
2.Export - 5mv-1.2v.
3.Input impedance is greater than 10 megohms.
4.The dynamic range 107, linear scale & plusmn; 0.1% .
5.Sampling frequency is 10, 50 times / second.
6. RS232 communication way, key set remote control,can also last keyboard accelerator or the mouse menu.
Computer minimum exigency: P166, memory 32M (recommend above 64M) ,CD-ROM is one, the number of serial port is an idle one, Windows95 (take IE4.0 or the above) /98 operating systems, the display unit supports 256 colors, 800& times; Definition of 600.

Type:N2000 (V4.0 edition)

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