On-the-spot simulator / instrument simulator of yhs001 self-service instrument

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On-the-spot simulator of yhs001 self-service instrument | The on-the-spot simulator of self-service instrument of Model yhs-001 of check gauge of course instrument of sea of Shenzhen industry of on-the-spot simulator of the self-service instrument is a kind of collection digital display direct-current volts, millivolt, electric current signal source and digital general-purpose table function are in integrative high precision, high-resolution, high reliability and having handheld comprehensive digital checking instrument which defend characteristic of falling. The on-the-spot simulator yhs-001 of the self-service instrument adopts 22mm word big high liquid crystal display, reading is clear, the instrument also has el backlight source at the same time, in order to be in the dim place reading of light; The on-the-spot simulator yhs-001 of the self-service instrument is the AC/DC power supply, it is more convenient to use. On-the-spot simulator image output and milliamp of the self-service instrument, millivolt it measures functions to be to for the intersection of industrial automation and on-the-spot instrument, implement on-the-spot check-up, need that overhaul and design mainly, the precision is high. And measure tools for on-the-spot instrument worker, computer distributed control system attenbant, installer's ideal signal source of the instrument. The whole electromechanical design of way of on-the-spot simulator of the self-service instrument regards accumulating the core into one pair of total mark a/d converters of circuit on a large scale as, have image output and test function, its technical feature accords with the electric ii type, electric Model iii self-service instrument check-up standard, the work environment accords with the relevant regulations of instrument of group ii in gb6587.1-86 " environmental test superclass of the electronic measuring instrument ". Second, on-the-spot simulator function and characteristic of self-service instrument Lcd reveals, the word high 22mm. Overrange to reveal & ldquo; 1” . Export 24v.dc power, can use 24v.dc working power as two wiring system instruments. There are 0-20v, 0-20mv, 0-200mv, 0-20ma and 0-22ma direct-flow image output shelf, can use as the input or outcoming signal of ii, Model iii instrument, but emulation various ii, Model iii instrument during check-up of scene. There are 200v, 20v, 200mv, 100ma, 20ma direct-flow signal measurements that are blocked, can use the working voltage of the measuring instrument, voltage signal and electric current signal that the instrument input, outputted. The all right simultaneous working of instrument is outputting 24v power, outputting the DC current signal and measuring the function state. The instrument has half a lcd liquid crystal display of quad bit, chooses to show output value, measured value and unit through the rotary switch. Seal the watchcase according to the standard design of the international security, has cancelled the battery cover. Third, on-the-spot simulator technical indicator accuracy grade of self-service instrument: ± (%'s reading + number of words) ,Verification cycle is the ambient temperature of one year: 23± 5 ¡æ relative humidity: Not greater than 75% of the direct-current volts: 24v.dc(± 10%) Sea long soldier Yang of Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen industry 0755-26630801-804, 26502620 (fax) Deep south garden Block a 9fwww.chinayehai.com of Scien-tech garden of Nanshan District of Shenzhen

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