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SF6 intelligent monitoring alarm system - producer SF6 intelligent monitoring alarm system is for the converting station of electric system the intelligence of environmental test such as SF6 density and oxygen content supervises Accuse of the alarm system. The system can monitor SF6 gas content and O2 gas content in indoor environment, SF6 gas content exceeds warning set point ( 1000ppm) in the environment ,Or anoxia ( The oxygen concentration is lower than 18%) ,SF6 monitor system carries on the sound and light alarm automatically, starts the air blower to carry on forced ventilation to the indoor at the same time. And SF6 intelligent monitoring alarm system has detection of humiture, working condition voice prompt, warning, historical data inquiry of remote transmitting,etc. a great deal of enriches the function.

The main function of alarm system of SF6 intelligent monitoring is as follows,

1,SF6 gas leak detection function
2,The oxygen content measures the function
3,SF6 gas content exceed standard and at the anoxia, autoalarm and starting the air blower function
4,Point out and measure the result automatically in pronunciation
5,Ambient temperature, humidity measure the function
6,Force air exhaust and regular air exhaust function
7,Historical data storage and inquiring
8,Warning function and long-range remote control operating function of remote transmitting

9,Can increase other environmental control and linkage of apparatus ' For instance infrared detection, smog, soaking, wind speed, door-magnet, dehumidifier, air conditioner, electronic fence,etc.)

SF6 intelligent monitoring alarm system applied to in SF6 leak detection of places such as all kinds of switchgear rooms of the electric system,etc. extensively, the intersection of SF6 and the intersection of intelligent monitoring and alarm system can also be comprehensive from the system seamless link with intelligent assistance system and electricity of the converting station.

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