South Korean AD POWER electric analysis meter HPM-100A

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Brand: Other
Type: Beautiful special SUMMIT full of trees
Type: Electric energy instrument of the electronic formula
Use: Standard table of electron
Insert the power: Exchange tables
Use the electrical equipment: Single-phase
Maximum current: 15AA
Process and customize: Whether not
Interstar connection way: Direct connecting
Principle: Electronic formula

The electric tester recommends not needing battery and power adapter to measure awaiting the opportune moment and using the form of the electric apparatus to supply South Korean AD POWER electric analyzer HPM-100AHPM-100A and await the opportune moment The current consumption multiple-parameter measurement under the attitude: (V, A, W, Wh, Cos¦È, Var, Hz, electric rate, CO2 turning into amount) Can match the intersection of SD and the intersection of memory and fund, can use pc software based on NI set for the accumulated time of electric quantity ' 1-24 hours) ? Electric current : AC 100 ¦Ì A 15 A (Direct) Voltage 0.4% of ¡À: AC 10 V is 500 V ¡À 0.4% power: 1 mW is 7.5 kW ¡À 0.4% power factor: ¡À0.001 ~ 1 ¡À 0.5% Reactive Power: 1m Var is 7.5k Var ¡À 0.4% frequency: Power 30 1 kHz (Wh) : 9,900 kWh? Our company authorize general agent / Taiwan gallop across senior to authorize commission agent / the intersection of South Korea and full of trees American national exclusive agency / key commission agent, HI of U.S.A., specially first the intersection of Taiwan and Thai the intersection of bodyguard and TES / Taiwan benefit Agent / Taiwan cluster is special /Taiwan the way prosperous / Thai Maass /connect by rainbow / China National Instruments Import & Export Corporation with /advanced /grade / instrument / service providers technologicals professional. In after service before selling, the company has specialized technology and maintainer, answer the technical matter, and the after service before the one that offer fast is sold in an all-round way for the customer, the products making customers buy our company have no worry. ? ? ? ? ? Dongguan city receive electronic Science Technologies Co., Ltd. while being Thai ' Head office of Guangzhou) Contact: Miss Lu's telephone number: 020-28995077 (Thailand receives the electron comprehensive products network

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