Portable powdered coal machine Portable powdered coal machine

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Brand / type: Henan Province one / portable powdered coal machine
Brand: Shut in Henan Province
Type: Portable powdered coal machine
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Powdered coal machine

The powdered coal machine is mainly for the coal works to crush the coal usedly. It is good to crush the dry coal result the outdated powdered coal machine, but it is unsatisfactory to crush the slightly high raw materials of moisture content. The new powdered coal machine which our company researches and develops to this kind of situation, improve above the foundation of the outdated powdered coal machine, reasonable to formate two outdated powdered coal aircrews a new kind of structural powdered coal machines. This new powdered coal machine is no matter from the output, there is outdated powdered coal superior toing machine on fineness.
Coal works of the brickfield,etc. uses as brickfield and adds material, inner fuel with the gangue, cinder, slag at present, but these supplies are utilized after needing crushing, the crushing of especially wet material, become and perplex a problem that users produce. To this situation, our company determines to improve on the basis of traditional powdered coal machine, solve these problems. The engineer of our producer improves on the basis that users put forward the question, we firmly believe the reform this time can unquestionably succeed, this is regarded as producer's incumbent responsibility by us. The range of crushing raw materials of the powdered coal machine is more extensive now, not only can crush the dry supplies, and can also crush the wet supplies, even it does not matter to crush the supplies drenched by the rainwater in rainy day, either will happen, stop up, because whom powdered coal machine design to have screen and sift ins and outs.

After the apparatus is improved, on the question of thorough solving these, the apparatus after improving is well received by users. The birth of the powdered coal machine of new generation, have totally solved because raw materials moisture content are great, crush the disadvantage apt to stop up. Raw materials that coal breaker crush range wider, except can crush the coal, can also crush raw materials such as the coal, shale, gangue, slag, cinder, constructional rubbish. Now I introduce the operating principle of the powdered coal machine to you, the powdered coal machine means it is a new kind of apparatuses that two outdated disintegratoors unite two into one, use of series connection at the same time of two sets of trochanters. An apparatus is equivalent to the work capacity of two apparatuses, not merely increase the output, crush quality and discharging graininess of raw materials in assurance that can also be valid.

The powdered coal machine since has so many advantages, I introduce to you here, improve on the basis of outdated powdered coal machine, not merely goodlooking, and extraordinary practicability is very strong. We come concrete situation to have a talk powdered coal machine then! Powdered coal machine whether two rotary hammer breaker unite two into one, reasonable to make up a whole, two sets are transferred to the substring and used in succession, have the following characteristics:
First, upper and lower two-stage of birotor are crushed
The powdered coal machine adopts two sets of cascade connected trochanters, the hammer head of the revolutionary subordinate trochanter is in small, broken bits again that the supplies smashed through the trochanter of higher level inside the lumen are entered at full speed immediately that the supplies are being crushed, crush the supplies inside the lumen and collide at full speed, crush each other, form the powdery row material of hammer, result that material crush, then from the intersection of discharge opening and direct dump, form the intersection of discharging and graininess below millimetre of the intersection of supplies and particles directly. This particle can meet the need that the brick and tile producer make the brick as internal combustion.
Second, have not sifted the bottom of the mesh screen, high wet supplies, never stop up
The traditional disintegratoor with comb sieve plate, raw materials higher than 8% of moisture content of inadaptation, when the moisture content of raw materials is higher than 10%, utmost point incident stops up seriously, make hammer head unable to rotate, the supplies can't be discharged, even the burning off electrical machinery, influence production seriously.
This? ? Not having comb bottom of the screen to design, does not have strict requirement for the moisture content of the supplies, do not exist and paste the problem of stopping up the sieve plate at all, not having fine powder that can't be discharged in time, the question crushed repeatedly, so it is high in efficiency to crush, the invalid abrasion phenomenon of hammer head does not exist.
Third, make the hammer head up wear-resisting
The wear-resisting hammer head association of high alloy, the hammer head uses the high alloy exquisitely, the special one was firm, it is wear-resisting. The wear-resisting degree of hammer head is high and longe-lived. The hammer handle is designed to be the mobile type, after the hammer head in the using process is abraded like this, we have only needed to change the hammer head and does not need to change the hammer handle, have saved the use cost greatly.
Fourth, unique adjusted technology of displacement
After the hammer head is abraded, does not need repairing, so long as the position that moves the hammer head uses repeatedly. The interval between adjusted hammer heads and lining boards can control the discharging graininess of the supplies. Packs of hammer head can packs of hammer head use at most.
Fifth, device counter weight balance wheel, operate big steady inertia, economize on electricity by 20%
The shaft end of two sets of upper and lower trochanters is furnished with the flywheel, the periodic speed that the flywheel adjustable operates fluctuates, make its operation even and steady and increase and rotate inertia, overcome motion-dependent resistance force, 20% of the the above that economize on electricity.
Sixth, hydraulic pressure start the chassis manually
Hydraulic open and close device, only need a person's open and close the chassis easilying, not merely light and handy and swift and safe and reliable, benefit maintenance.
Seventh, centralized lubricating system, non- incessant fuel injection is convenient and swift
The centralized lubricating system of the powdered coal machine, non- incessant, all right fuel injection, convenient and swift. The powdered coal machine adopts the lubricating system, change the greaser, annotate lubricating oil way in tradition of the lubricator; Disposition concentrate on, give oil assign pump, single stepping is multi-channel to supply the oil; Can annotate all bearings synchronously at the same time the lubricating oil under the working condition of the machine at any time with complete machine, convenient and swift. Because the whole oil passage is closed, can prevent the dust from invading and damaging the bearing.

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