ZBW is European to move the box type transformer substation

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Brand / type: Set up and revitalize the power / ZBW-500KVA
Weight: 3900( kg) Kg
The protection grade of shell: IP54
Type: ZBW-500KVA
Rated current: 30( A) A
Brand: Set up and revitalize the power
Product certification: ISO9001:2000
Process and customize: Yes
Attribute: Voltage transformer
Impulse withstand voltage: 35( KV) V

< img alt =" Z B K box type transformer substation & quot; " http://i02.c.aliimg.com/img/ibank/2013/932/790/895097239_827951231.jpg">

< img alt =" Z B K box type transformer substation & quot; " http://i04.c.aliimg.com/img/ibank/2013/042/790/895097240_827951231.jpg">

< img alt =" Z B K box type transformer substation & quot; " http://i00.c.aliimg.com/img/ibank/2013/632/790/895097236_827951231.jpg">

The ZBW series products have high-pressure switch apparatus, voltage transformer, the Trinity of undervoltage switch apparatus, forming a complete set strong characteristic. High-low voltage is protected completely, it is safe and reliable to run, it is simple to safeguard. There is little occupation of land, investment is provincial, production cycle is short, it is convenient to move. Interstar connection scheme flexible,unique outer cover constructional design,not only if you can't insulate against heat, if you can't dispel the heat, ventilate again but also, the esthetic protection grade is high. The outer cover material has composite boards, stainless steel composite board, aluminizes on zinc plate, corrosion resistant plate, metal carving board etc. for users to choose. The pattern is various, many kinds of designs such as the general, villa type, compact type. Can install the automation terminal (FTU) in the high-pressure ring main unit Realize and short out and the reliable detection of the single-phase ground fault. Possess " four is distant " The function, benefit the automatic staging of distribution net.

Absorbed in the voltage transformer for 20 years

It revitalize succeed on active service at Chinese Railway group power supply tunnel stabilizators that the factories produce, in hand over to by group unit in charge of construction per tunnel.

The railway trade is a national economic base industry, the industrialized level of the direct influence country, it is the important constituent element in a national thing fluid is. Our factory founded the factory since 2006, already successful " Assist multiple track, Shanghai the Fourth Office of China's Railway, blue Chongqing railway, expensive wide high-speed rail, Zhuo's high-speed, large west high-speed rail of the high-speed rail of elder brother of Chongqing railway " Wait for the unit in charge of construction of tunnel of country's key project, " the tunnel transports three phases to be forced-oil and oversampled specialized and remotely pressurized voltage transformer and specialized three-phase forced-oil contactless complete automatic voltage regulator of tunnel flow again " to form a complete set . Save a large number of production costs and fund input for every tunnel construction enterprise. Guarantee to complete and offer important technical support and assurance as scheduled in national key project. Have made important contribution in order to push into the flourishing development of communication such as the high-speed rail, expressway of our country.

Up-market project case:

One: It is expensive to be wide for high-speed rail, in Railway Bureau 21 Liping county one hundred happy tunnels of 7500 meterses.

Two: It is blue Chongqing railway, in hand over to by a boat of office III division the river 3000 meters of tunnelses.

Three: 3100 meters for Zhuo's high speed, Chinese Railway tunnel group Zhuo deer's watershed tunnel of the county.

Four: It is blue Chongqing railway, in hand over to by one boat office I south of Gansu Province Wudu the mountain 3000 meters of tunnelses divisional.

Five: High speed of Rong of tall building. Railway Bureau 18 of China is three companies and 4600 meters of overshoot mountain range tunnel

Six: High-speed rail of elder brother of Shanghai. The duck bill rock tunnel of Company of bridge of Railway Bureau one of China is 4200 meters

Seven: Lofty speed in Jiangxi. China hands over to a common office bridge of entries of mountain range tunnel of company's overshoot

Eight: Bar are quasi high-speed. Chinese Railway the intersection of tunnel and the intersection of group and bar allow the intersection of railway and the the intersection of roof beam and 3200 of tunnel

Nine: Railway Bureau 13 of China. Import 7500 meters in the white energy railway of forest and black dam tunnel of strength

Ten: Railway Bureau seven of China. Bar reached the railway before standing III marked 2400 meters of hole ditch tunnel

11: Office of bridge of Chinese Railway. The west river tunnel of the railway of dragon of Jiangxi is 4600 meters

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