People HD11 knife switch in Shanghai

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Brand: People in Shanghai
Type: HD11 knife switch

The producer sells HD11 knife switch, the price favourable directly to households. 15957738830

First, applicable scope

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The HD series form throws the knife switch, HS series double-throw knife switch and suitable for exchanging 50Hz, nominal voltage to 380V, direct-current volts to 380V, flow to 440V continuously; In the complete sets of distribution equipment to 1500A of the rated current, as not putting through and dividing breaking off the friendship, direct-current circuit or using as disconnecting switch manually thick and fast.
Among them:
HD11 serial central hand handle-types are thrown only and the double-throw knife switch is used mainly in the converting station, do not cut off the circuit with electric current, use for disconnecting switch.
HD12 series side operate the intersection of hand and the intersection of handle-type and knife switch, use mainly power in the case.
Knife switch last front-operated, behind at switch cabinet of maintenance, the actuating mechanism is mounted just in the front.
HD14 series the intersection of side and up right and foursquare piece operate mechanical knife switch use mainly front for two operate and in the preceding switch cabinet of maintenance, the actuating mechanism can install on both sides of the cupboard.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The knife switch equipped with arc chute can cut off current load, other serial knife switches only use as disconnecting switch. ?

Second, type and meaning

" 0" Represent the arc extinguishing chamber of withouts; 1 represents the arc extinguishing chamber; As to the central hand handle-type: 8 shows that connecting lug in front of the board: It is connecting lug after the board that 9 shows: Represented a interstar connection way, namely the interstar connection in front of the board alone.

Poles number: 2, very much, 3, very much, very much 4

Rated current (A)

Derive coaxialities: B: Physical dimension smaller BX: Take BX swing lever

Design coaxialities: 11 central hand handle-types, the up right and foursquare lever actuating mechanism types of 12 sides, 13 central lever actuating mechanism types, 14 side hand handle-types.

The coaxiality of one kind of groups: HD form throws the knife switch, HS double-throw knife switch.

Third, switching characteristic
1.The nominal voltage, in order to exchange 380V, direct current 220, 440V.
2.The rated current is 100, 200, 400, 600, 1000, 1500A.

The intellectual electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of the people in Shanghai produces KBO control and protective switch, quality first, the price is favourable.

Contact: Mr. Xu? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mobile: 15957738830

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