Brand-new contact apparatus CJX9B-25S/00 big unipolar Gree beautiful Oakes Siemens of Kelon of air conditioner of Gui Lin

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Brand / type: Gui Lin The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region device / CJX9B-25S/00
Product certification:
Type: CJX9B-25S/00
Nominal voltage: 230( V) V
Rated current: 25( A) A
Mechanical life: 100 (ten thousand times)
Brand: Gui Lin The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region device
Electrical durability: 20 (ten thousand times)
Process and customize: Whether not
The type that the brand-new original packaging lathe electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of Gui Lin produces: CJX9B-25S/00 voltage: 220V poles number: It is big and unipolar ' It is amalgamated unipolarly that bipolar) Price: 38 yuan / a lot of only on net are sold to the contact apparatus seller, the price has discrepancy too, please look over carefully it is & ldquo; Brand-new & rdquo; & ldquo; Second hand & rdquo; (second hand to scrap old machine pull down, short life time) Or Insert the intersection of voltage and person who contract turn round but not controlled, measure compressor, exchange 220 of contactor coil supply power, exchange 220 enter normal even line terminal, normally, generally consider the AC contactor is damaged, generally coil damage or contact ablates opening a way or adhesion, through very easy to find to measure or observe. CJX9B-25S series AC contactor, are produced by the lathe electric apparatus Co., Ltd. of Gui Lin, is suitable for exchanging 50 or 60Hz, the rated operational voltage can be to 380V, the rated operational current can expire by the control of the single-phase load circuit of 25A. Apply to the control of the single-phase air-handling unit compressor extensively at present, specialized in machines such as Haier of Gree U.S.A.,etc.. One: The main type introduces 1: CJX9B-25S is bipolar, namely separate in the two-way contact thorough fare, the two-way switch can be disconnected or closed at the same time, can control live wire and zero line make-and-break at the same time. 2: CJX9B-25S/00 is bipolar to use separately, there is two-way contact attracting or tripping at the same time too, but the formative two-way switch circuit of two-way contact is connected in parallel, analogous to with the switch use of No. one, only control a line such as collinear make-and-break of fire, another one if zero line directness links with electrical machinery. 3: CJX9B-25S/D is unipolar, namely only contact attracting of No. one or tripping, closes or disconnects in the switch thorough fare of only one way, control one the intersection of fire and the intersection of wired and and a collinear make-and-break only, another one links with electrical machinery directly, used in three more air conditioners under one. 4: CJX9B-25S/01 is bipolar, but there is a normally closed auxiliary stylus, other closing of contact after being closed, energization when being dead but the auxiliary stylus is disconnected, the joinable compressor heating zone of normally closed stylus, preheated by the compressor, the heating zone is disconnected after the compressor is started. Two: Displacement must put the circuit procedure of the original engine in order while explaining Displacement, combine treasures and old types and circuit diagram above of original engine received and carry on the flexible installing correctly and interstar connection. Knowing according to the introduction above: 25S but Displacement 25S/00 or 25S/D, Displacement connects the two-way switch thorough fare in parallel at 00 o'clock, only controls the fire collinear business turn over make-and-break of No. one, another line connects with electrical machinery directly. Displacement can use among them all the way or not likewise two-way to regard as, use all the way in parallel only when the D type, their installation is basically unanimous in size.

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