Drop-out fuse

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Brand / type: Special Su / ST-2
Type: Plug-in fuse
Type: ST-2
Brand: Su is special
Process and customize: Yes

Classify under the drop-out fuse of the drop-out fuse: Fuse, lighting arrester, disconnecting switch; The name of product: Drop-out fuse; Production code number: 0128; Item Model: RH11-12 type outdoor drop-out fuse 100A, 200A. It is classified that affiliated: The fuse, lighting arrester, name of product of disconnecting switch: The production code number of the drop-out fuse: 0128 Item Models: RH11-12 type outdoor drop-out fuse 100A, 200A -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The specially electric limited telephone number of the company of Jiangsu of Shanghai: 021-56480492 56412027021-56422486 66241190 mobile phones: 13818304482 13795360144 13818304481 faxes: 021-56480492 56412027E-mail: sute@56412027.com address: Rich long Road, Lane 1080 No. 357 Building three Q Q of Shanghai: 1378243324 1067585793 websites: http://www.st1718.com/http://www.st5118.com/

Contacts: Xu ShouPing
Telephone: 8618921911066
Mobile Phone: 8618921911066
Zip: 200443
Address: Shanghai Shanghai rich long Road, Lane 1080 No. 357 of Shanghai
TAG: Jiangsu special Special ST-2
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