Special dh48s digital display time delay time relay of hundred million

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Brand / type: Special hundred million / DH48S-2z
Nominal voltage: AC220
Product series: DH48S
Rated current: 5A
The contact switches over the electric current: 10
The contact switches over the voltage: 12
Protect the characteristic: Plastic sealed type
Contact load: Middle-power
Application area: Time
Type: DH48S-2z
The electric current of attracting: 10
Releasing current: 10
Brand: Hundred million is special
Contact form: Conversion type
Physical dimension: Small-scale mm

The name or description is called: The type of the time relay: DH48S-2Z rated operating range: 200-240VAC/50HZ 5A

The size of the products: 48*48*97MM guide track style / panel

Trepan the size: 45*45MM

Acclimation: -10 ¡æ- 2 watts of 50 ¡æ consumed power

Time delay range: Regulate arbitrarily in 0.01 seconds - 9999 hours

Export schema: Two groups delay time

Need time base to prove clear while pulling out yard and please buy at the intermediate position

DH48S-S multi-functional digital display time relay
Time delay range: 0.01S-990H sets up arbitrarily
The precision of time delay: 0.3≤ %± 0.05S 50/60HZ
Display device: LED word high 7.6mm of 0.36 inches
Stylus form: A series of prolongs in the time belt and resets

Physical dimension: 97× 48× 48mm
Trepan the size: 45× 45mm
Presume the way: It sets for the time of asymmetric time delay arbitrarily
Note: The switch can presume to delay time

Interstar connection method:

Delay time and change the contact by 8-5-6, normally closed

2-7 power connections
Put through and suspend by 1-4
Put through and reset by 1-3

Make sure to keep in mind: Reset terminals and suspend terminals and can't connect the input voltage, so as not to damage the electrical relay
Is not clear that meet the collinear customer, after please receive the productsing, this shop of the connection, we have specialized technicians who serve you.

High-quality, long life, guarantee for one year, orders are welcome.

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