Fetch the screw tap breaking machine Dxks-350

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First. The heat ray is consulted: 13585964008 two. The major application this of the machine machine can be processed on the ordinary metallic material, also can process on the carbide, is used mainly in the following situations 1. Process the puncture, irregularly-shaped hole. 2.Make small-scale punch die, casting die. 3.Crush (take out) Screw tap that rupture in the metallic material holes waits for, does not damage the work piece at the same time. 4.Carve characters in roll,etc. is metalworked. 5.Machine this the intersection of Model DXKS-350 and strenghthened type of plane, adopt a advanced one since the intersection of water injection and way, can go on, eliminate, sharpen with hollow the intersection of copper pipe and strap-on running water directly. The intersection of machine and used for removing and is broken screw tap, the intersection of 鑽 and head mainly this, can also have, have punching and reaming in hard cutting tool, carbide or the intersection of tungsten-molybdenum and membrane, can also process the irregularly-shaped hole or trough with different shape electrodes, is suitable for general machine work and maintenance, the especially suitable roll carves characters. Three. Main technical parameter MAIN TECHNICAL PARAMETERS1 power Mains220V2 power Power 400V. A 450V. A3 main shaft of main technical parameter of the machine Journey Main axle auto-feed traveling schedule50mm4 work head manual journey Main axle neck manual traveling of auto feed Schedule150mm5 job liquid Working liquid kerosene or running water Kerosene or running water6 idler voltage (direct current) No-load voltage (cocurrent) 70V is the transmission of diameter Biggest electrode diameter¢ 0.5~6.5mm machine of 60HZ maximum electrode 95V7 mains frequency Supply frequency50HZ The interconnected system this machine adopts the voltage transformer of Model C to control ND-D single-phase reversible electrical machinery, realize and feed and short out and is withdrawn movements automatically. Driven the threaded bolt by ND-D single-phase reversible electrical machinery, through feeding the nut, make and is mounted and bored the electrode while inserting, with feeding the nut and moving up and down, when it drops slowly, close to the work to process, utilize the electromagnetic vibrator to help chip removal, guarantee that it is reliable to work and and increase the degree of sensitivity of the system. Four. Operation 1 of the machine. The mains switch is pressed into " Open " The position of state, namely the electric case puts through 220V, 50HZ 60HZ power, and the power light is on. Press into " Close " The position, the electric case is power-off, and the power light is put out. 2.The chuck switch is pressed into " Open " Position, electromagnetic chuck energization, produce magnetic force, host computer and he being fixed in piece, press into " Close " The position, deenergization of the electromagnetic chuck, demagnetization, make the host computer separate with his one. 3.The electrical machinery switch is pressed into " Operate " The position, the entry into work of the electrical machinery (feed or is withdrawn) ,Press into " Suspend " The position, the electrical machinery is shut down promptly. 4.As the electrical machinery switch is pressed into " Operate " The position, the electrical machinery switch is pressed into " Enter " At the position, electrode make feed sport, press into " Retreat " The position, the electrode is withdrawn sports. 5.Process the switch to press into " Open " The position, the function that the electrode begins to possess discharging, press into " OFF" Function that the position electrode disappears and discharges. 6.The ammeter reveals the current value of electrical discharge machining. Five. Item 1 of the notice for use. At the time of processing can't by hand contact electrode and work at the same time,so as not to electric shock. 2.It is basically vertical that the shaft axis of electrode answers and processes the end of the hole, host computer and work piece should hold (insert) Reliable. 3.This machine adopts the anodal processing method (the electrode is negative, the work piece is straight) Use the electric wire (positive pole) The crocodile clamp grips the work piece. 4.This machine should be laid in the ventilated place, such as at the time of the great of ambient temperature, answer and ventilate, the measure of lowering the temperature, the liquid level of oil should be higher than the peak above 20mm of the work piece, in case the liquid level is overlow breaks out a fire while processing. 5.While changing the safety fuse, please notice the local safety fuse is 6*30mm(5A) . Six. Application method 1. Processed the situation and made electrode shape and size, the electrode material adopts brass wire, yellow copper bar and copper pipe,etc.. 2.Job liquid, for kerosene, running water,etc., adopt kerosene, will certainly should pay attention to the intersection of liquid level and position, liquid temperature,etc., in case that break out a fire.

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