Water-cooled frozen water machine

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Durable in use
Refrigerate heart adopt totally closed with low noise, it is light to shake, the imported and famous brand compressor of electric-saving with high capacity and efficiency, the electric apparatus controls and all adopts the imported and famous brand original paper, the heat exchanger adopts the shell tubular condenser, thermal performance is high, easy to wash and maintain.

Energy-conservation is economic
The digitale Elektronik thermostat can be controlled accurately between +3 ¡æ to 50 ¡æ of temperature of cold water, thus control aircrew's normal operation and guarantee the aircrew saves energies, the assembly of all aircrews, internal conductor arrangement, refrigerant is packed and the aircrew debugs and finishes in the factory.

Safe operation
The fuselage has compressors to delay time and start the protector, the protector of the overcurrent, high-low voltage protector, the fuse is filled in, electronic time protects the relief valve, guarantee the normal operation of the aircrew.

Device of the aircrew
The stainless steel circulates the water tank, import the water pump, above 10P unit can select the dual loop and refrigerate first, work even first loop work and break down during that time, another loop can even run normally.

Refrigerating compressor
Adopt the famous brand in the world to import the whole sealed compressor, with high efficiency, the noise is low, shake small, and dispose the multiple advantage of protecting etc., 3HP-5HP initiates the frequency conversion type for users to choose, water-cooling and can enable compressor while being air-cooled, air blower reach frequency conversion, with valid to save electric energy. And can adopt the cooling medium compressor in environment protecting mode according to user's request.

Air conditioner
The air-cooled air conditioner adopts copper pipe socket aluminium chip type heat exchanger, design and make single-circuitly and multilooply, and the heat exchange area of coil pipe is strengthened more than general standard design, make the superficial wind speed even, change the thermal stability, efficiency is lasting.

Adopt the high-efficiency whorl copper pipe, two end caps are interchangeable to collect the conduit direction by the alteration, the conduit procedure is multiloop, every air conditioner cooperates with compressor capacity, the straightforward conduit exchanges washing and Maintenance.

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