\ aluminium's wheel nave mending machine of \ cast aluminium of aluminum alloy

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The heat ray is consulted: 13585964008 professional production and sales: Cold welding machine, aluminium wheel nave mending machine, the accurate mould mends the cold welding machine, the mending machine of the mould, the cold welding machine of high-energy intelligence, discharge and is coated and deposits the build-up welding apparatus, the metal surface ruggedization repairing machine of electric spark, casting the defect repairing machine, electric spark deposit, pile welding machine the intersection of electromechanical device and a, heat, have little power because of the working current ' 2-200A) , time ( 1-600ms) Can control accurately, therefore the energy that inputs gets rigorous control. Fusing when can make energy of input only enough to be used in welding wire and work piece straight of ideal settlement, there are no too much energy to act on the work piece, thus make the surface of the work piece heatedding influences and minimizes. Reach the ideal repair result. B, can carry on extremely thin thickness weld because welding current can be in 2A stable operation, so very oppositipolar thin placement is welded. The welding repair of c, accurate tiny placement is because of the stable operation of the trickle, the controlling accurately of time, the operating point of welding repair is the minima, delicate placement, but will not exert an influence on the circumference. Because this welding machine is accurate argon welded, fusion welding of d, extremely high combination degree, it is extremely high to combine degree, the placement after welding can carry on various machine work, will not present the cold welding machine of other types and combine the insecure after welding, loss etc.. E, suitable for welding and mending 1, dent, hole, hole of level placement of different placements. 2,Hairline, ditch groove. 3,Raised angle, crest line, overshoot placement 4, External dent after sand hole and ordinary argon arc weld. 5,Electrical discharge machining of welding repair, nitridating and soft to desalinize the treated mould. Accommodation: 1, Plastic model2, Ram the mould3, Casting die 4, Rubbery mould 5, Copper alloy mould

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