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High-pressure changer of specialized hydraulic sensor of HDP702 high pressure
HDP702 supervoltage changer (supervoltage sensor, high-pressure pressure sensor, high-pressure pressure changer, high-pressure controller) Used in the static behavior of the fluid, dynamic pressure to measure and automatically control. Because of adopting newly developed enhancement technology, dispel the influence that the non-linear factor of material brings effectively, improve its linear working range greatly, its sensitivity and loud and high frequently and dependability is good. Its supreme working pressure has already reached above 1500MPa. Serial sensor this mix until the intersection of instrument and commonability strong, such as move, static the intersection of emergency and appearance, digital voltmeter,etc. and related system. This kind of sensor can be used in high-pressure apparatus measurement extensively, it control, move, not static containers high-pressure test intensity, cut waters high-pressure and wash waters high-pressure,etc. quiet to press by every research fields such as craft, physicses high-pressure,etc.. The newly developed T -type structure possesses the characteristics of anticorrosion and high-temperature environment work. Suitable for projects such as the synthetic quartz kettle, oil development and formating under high pressure,etc. and technological field. This sensor is compact, quality only has 14g, are especially suitable for container blowing up and measurement of the high dynamic pressure signal.
Main technical parameter:
Range: 0- 10,20,30,50,100,200,300,450,500,600,800,1000,1200,1500(MPa)
Comprehensive precision: 0.2% FS, 0.5% FS, 1.0% FS
Output signals: 4- 20mA (Line two is made) , 0- 5V, 1- 5V, 0- 10V (the the strategic hinterland of China is made)
The voltage of power supply: 24DCV(9- 36DCV)
Medium temperature: -20- 85 ¡æ
Ambient temperature: Normal atmospheric temperature (- 20- 85 ¡æ)
Load resistance: The exporting type of the electric current: The biggest 800¦¸; The exporting type of the voltage: Greater than 50K¦¸
Insulating resistance: Greater than 2000M¦¸ (100VDC
Sealed grade; IP65
The performance steady in a long-term: 0.1% FS / year
Shaking influences: In mechanical 1000Hz, 20Hz- of vibration frequency, export, change less than 0.1% FS
Electric interface (the interface of signal) : Four core shields the line, four core aviation connects the plug-in package, tight thread nut
Machinery is connected (the interface of the whorl) : M20 * 1.5, M22 * 1.5,etc., other whorls can require to design according to the customer

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