Going against turns into the power [proud luck machine of Chengdu

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Going against turns into the power [the mechanical & electronic equipment corporation, Ltd. of proud luck of Chengdu ]

It is the actual needs of power system and post and telecommunications that series AN are sinusoidal wave to go against the becoming device, consider the space and install size and IT era to automation and networked demand going against management of becoming device, and specially design the going against the becoming device of production in and the impact on office or computer lab staff member of noise.

This series go against the becoming device and adopt advanced SPWM and CPU control technology, it is accurate to control, input and export isolating, safe and high-efficient, dependability is good, especially the endurance of impact to perception load is strong. Not only this series of products are not merely small, but also light, the appearance is esthetic, install and safeguard simply and conveniently, easy to operate, the noise is low, irritate the low, pollution-free murmur instead, have a real-time data gathering and telecommunication function, have offered the convenience that the masses of system users implemented network management and controlled long-rangely. It's time, go against person who become suitable for power system and the intersection of communication and trade not merely, suitable for other at the same time quality require higher occasion to power, it is the ideal power choice of the office automation. http://www.028aoyun.com

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