Stainless steel of Langfang filters the filter element of a tube of hydraulic oil

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Langfang filters apparatus Co., Ltd. and introduces: Our company offers the filter element, filter, oil filter, air filter element, filter element of the cleaner, engine oil filter element, diesel oil, hydraulic oil filter element, air compressor filter element, oil gas separate the filter element, folding melt filter element, pp dissolves and gushes out the filter element, filter element of ceramic sintering, stainless steel sintering filter element, fibrous sintering filter element, metal sintering filter element, filter element of activited carbon, the line twines the filter element, folding filter element of the capillary, air breather filter element, titanium filter element, the welding type burns the silk perforated tail pine completely, oil gas separate filter element and the intersection of oil separation and filter element, disc filter element, monofilament compile wind filter element, the intersection of disc and the intersection of chip type and filter element, high-efficient filter, inferior high-efficient filter Zhu ShangQi! Address: Camel's zip code of development area of ox of Langfang Gu'an of Hebei: 065501 contacts: The homepage of Wang JianGuo Company: characteristic: Made of single-layer or multi-layer metal mesh, the number of layers and eye forming the silk screen are counted and booked on the basis of different service conditionses and uses, filtering precision high it bears high pressures, straight scanning to be kinding for absolute value with heart rate, become rusty the intersection of steel and material, the intersection of without and burr any, guarantee to have long performance life

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