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Optic fibre F-P tunable filter | FFP-TF2

Application application

² Optical property is monitored

² The mere noise is tuned and filtered

² The tunable signal channel is left and divided in ultra dense DWDM

Features characteristic

² Ideal low price, high capacity are employed and chosen

² One degree of spectral analysis of high precision achieves the high-resolution

² The large dynamic range allows high precision measure

² The high-efficiency low loss is designed

² Tune across O, E, S, C and L-band

² Broad users presume the parameter

² Heat good stability

² Impact-resistance and shaking

² Small dimension

² Low power consumption

² Telcordia GR2883 authorizes

Description describes

FFP of Micron Optics is a special narrow-band tunable filter based on full optical fiber FP etalon technology, the light that it allows the wavelength to have the multiple relation with the length of FP lumen adopt, and the light of other wavelength decays according to the function in the love.

The graceful quintessence designed of FFP narrow-band tunable filter lies in that there is not optic fibre structure of lens. Because there are no collimation optical devices such as lens,etc., FFP narrow-band tunable filter can have very high finer, keep low loss and transmission curve. Micron Optics has dispelled the technological defect of other FP devices, the sensitive and extra mode of environment that including the collimation lacks proper care.

The full optical fiber FFP tunable filter characteristic is very much close the function in the love, the mathematical model that the result received is very close to the theory too, so the engineer who designs optoelectronic system can design FFP the system which enters them very with self-confidence. Low loss isolation, it is high and power or wavelength measurement function on not loving from ideal justs high-accuracy last some result.

New FFP-TF2 designs improving the collimation measure of the etalon, Telcordia quality characteristic making the device more durable, more reliable, better, and more spectacular price. The company can offer the standard configuration products of the low price to user immediately. The products that the company can offer user high-performance multiple channel to dispose too, meet special requirements such as sensory, biotechnology and other scientific research,etc.. The special option includes the range of maximum finer industrially of 10 to 16,000, and the full stripe broad tuning of 1260nm to 1620nm under this range. New FFP-TF2 is not because driving voltage and external packing are different to come to replace FFP-TF briefly, but in order to meet the new adjustment that a lot of expenses responsive projects are done further.

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