The electric-wave filter of the frequency converter, specialized electric-wave filter

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Series TY860: The specialized input filter of the frequency converter, the electric current is from 1 ampere to 1260 ampere. Extremely good common mode and interference suppression characteristic of the different mode. Filter three phases to frequency converter and speed changing motor drive unit, reduce low frequency to the inner conducted interference of the high-frequency range and protect programmable controller from being come from the noise interference of AC supply collinear RF. Adopt the high-quality component, guarantee to use safely. Suitable for the strong interference rejection unit of industry, such as functioning as the input filter of frequency converter.

Series TY890: Frequency converter export specialized the intersection of EMC and electric-wave filter, electric current set up from 1 to 1260 amperes. Install the way as the bolt. Used in Dv/Dt to inhibit, pass voltage restraint, reduces the electromagnetic disturbance of the frequency converter. Reduce frequency converter and motor coil to loss, protect the electrical machinery, adopt the high-quality component, guarantee to use safely. Used in the frequency converter to export and filter. Series TY760: Double-stage filtering power supply filter, install the way as the bolt. Attach the different mode coil, the low frequency result is excellent. Excellent multiply frequency ( 10k-30MHZ) Interference rejection capoability. Used for inhibiting serial or intermittence impulse interference. Used for the switching power supply more, speed-adjustable motor, frequency conversion is systematic, proceeding control,etc.. Such as being used in the specialized power supply filter of single-phase frequency conversion.

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