Discharge and coat the cold welding machine / mould and mend the cold welding machine

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Shut the cold welding machine consultation hot line three times: 13480045158 accurate moulds mend the cold welding machine (cast the defect and mend the cold welding machine, the metal defect repairing machine) Can abrade the metal work piece, defects such as scratching, pin hole, crackle, defect hardness reducing, trachoma, damaging out of shape,etc. go on in depositing, hole sealing, mends equally and repairs the functioning. Easy to operate, low heat input, there is no heat input in the course in the twinkling of an eye of build-up welding, therefore the mould does not anneal invariantly and, undercut and residual stress, do not change the mould or products metal to organize the state. It is high to repair the precision, coating thickness is from several microns to several millimetres, need only polish, polish. Can also carry on all kinds of machine works such as the car, milling, planing, rubing,etc., and electric plating,etc. is processed on later stage. The apparatus is advanced and reliable, Germany's native technology, the high-power argon shield of the international level, can work for a long time. Applicable substrate: Including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, die steel, stainless steel, tool steel, casting iron, cast steel, cast aluminium, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, carbon tungsten alloy,etc., and all all right conductive electric conductors. 1,Manufacturing's plastic model superficial making the hair of mould, increase aesthetic feeling and life time; The helmet plastic mould divides the build-up welding of molded base to repair; The aluminum alloy press-casts the current divider awl surface ruggedization of the mould; Repairing and ruggedization such as the lumen overproof of the mould, abrading, scratching. 2,The plastic rubber and plastic mechanical spare part of rubber industry is repaired, the mould overproof that the rubber, plastic member use, abrading and mending. 4,In car and manufacture and maintenance trade car making and maintenance industry of the locomotive, used in the cam, crankshaft, piston, cylinder, brake disc, the impeller, the wheel is enclosed, clutch, friction slice, exhaust valve,etc. make up the difference and repair, the intersection of car and the intersection of surface and the intersection of bead and defect of body mend, revise while being flat. 6,The mechanical industry revises overproof work piece and repair lathe guide rail, various axles, cam, hydraulic press, hydraulic press ram, angry casing wall, journal, pitching the central spindle, internal gage, ring gauge, all kinds of rollers, poles taken shape for roller, gear, belt pulley, spring, 7,Cast the repair of defects such as the industrial iron, copper, aluminium casting sand hole air vent,etc., aluminium model is abraded and repaired. 8,The chemical industry reactor stirs axle and thick liquid and can be burnt on wear-resisting anti-corrosion layer. Use the machinable pump ram of this method, pump impeller, sealing surface, valve stem, valve plug, air blower blade, crosshead of the compressor of the shell of the pump, sealing ring, shaft sleeve, valve, able to bear ram impeller of the acid pump, bush and ring 9,Metal, motive force, metallurgy, ventilating blower part of coal industry, tip truck part, divide a gauze filter, various wash rubing and drift, transport the threaded bolt with coal, convey the part, steam valve, surface ruggedization of heavy loaded bearing and roll, pipe shape, V of production line, pass the intersection of surface and ruggedization, the intersection of wire rod and production line of roller, lead the intersection of surface and ruggedization, the intersection of surface and the intersection of Exocarpium Citri Grandis and punish, the intersection of roll and barometric the intersection of bruising and ditch of roll to defend Kun ' Hole) Online repair, roll the intersection of journal and the intersection of axle and attrited repair, the intersection of surface and ruggedization, person who burn, person who heat, retreat cupping jar, exhaust duct, the intersection of metallurgical furnace and the intersection of wind and mouth, cast and waste etc. repairing that molybdenum come directly towards.

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