PK broken hammer of splitting machine of hydraulic pressure

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The main performance of the splitting machine:

Have not shaken, been shock-free, had no noise, not can finish splitting in dust, several seconds, operating efficiency is split high, controllable,

It split size accurate, weight is moderate, easy to operate, Maintenance is convenient, can indoors and carry on fields narrow by removal work

Third, splitting machine characteristic:


The work of making controllability of this splitting machine in the hydraulic environment of the static behavior, will not produce some dangerous hidden dangers as blowing up machine and other toughness removing, rock drilling apparatuses, do not need to take the complicated safety measure.

2.Environmental protection

When this splitting machine works, will not produce shaking, assaulting, noise, dust, the bits flying,etc.. The ambient enviroment will not be influenced, even in the populous area or indoor, and by the precision equipment, can all work noiselessly.


This splitting machine can finish the fission process in several seconds, and can not work disconnectedly continuously, high in efficiency, run and the cost of upkeep is very low, do not need blasting operation to take isolating or other time consuming and expensive safety measures like that.


Different from most traditional removing the methods and apparatuses, person who split this can rigorous determination split the direction in advance, split shape and some required size, it is high to split the precision.


Humanized appearance design and serviceability constructional design of this splitting machine, have guaranteed its operation method is simple and apt to study, only need one man operation, Maintenance is convenient, have long performance life, it is very convenient for splitting machine and hydraulic power unit to carry.

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