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SH-P80 type ultrasonic mould polishing machine introduction

The ultrasonic mould polishing machine utilizes supersonic wave to shake at a high speed, do having a facelift and polished specific purpose tool on complicated mold cavity and detailed muscle narrow slot of the mould, other tool not replacable advantages that it has, have already been understood and accepted by bench hand's master worker gradually. The past polishing machine is relatively large because of the power, so their changer (hand grip) Generally relatively big, this to master worker of bench hand not often using the polishing machine, will feel the clumsiness of hand grip, operation not flexible and strenuous scheduling problem. The ultrasonic polishing machine was spent and ground in the past ' Especially the bar copper is ground) When will send out very noise when it is loud,be be recommended not getting more more suitable until today in green environment protective in a more cost-effective manner ing thised. Find out one brand-new the intersection of polishing and craft for we this, make it lower greatly not to polish the noise in the course. The SH-P80 type ultrasonic mould polishing machine is the products designed for bench hand's master worker specially. Technically, SH-P80 type machine has kept some advantages of other models of our company (such as autotracking of frequency and spark discharge lose to get rid of the function) . It is mechanically controlled to adopt the one piece of the microcomputer, look for and lock the function automatically after increasing the frequency. Having adopted modularization to install the craft, thus has narrowed the volume of control device and changer greatly. The SH-P80 type ultrasonic mould polishing machine has the following advantages: 1, Microcomputer-controlled resonant frequency looks for and locks the function automatically; 2,Shake magnitude and discharge gap tracing and meet the function in nine Section of numerical control; 3,Intensity of nine sections of electric spark of numerical control; 4,Meticulous electric spark have a facelift function, suitable slight facelift and polishing of work piece; 5,The electric spark outputs and adopts the stored energy current limiter technology of the inductance, the consumption is saved very much; 6,The changer is light and handy, easy to operate; 7,The control device takes up the area of the work bench small. Technical parameter: 1, Applicable scope: Various mould( Including carbide mould) Polishing from rough surface to facelifts specular. 2,But polishing material: Various metal, glass, malachite, agate,etc.. 3,The surface roughness after processing:13)4,Abrasive substance: The intersection of adamas and file, fibrous whet stone, artificial diamond paste and diamond lapping paste 5, discharge medium: Kerosene or water 6, a sound of wave frequency: 19-28KHz7, electric spark high level time: 0.8¦Ì s-10¦Ì s8, working voltage: Single-phase 220V ¡À 10% 50Hz9, power consumption: 60W10, control device measurement: 230* 130* 78 Mm11, weight: 3Kg
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