Reveal the detector with diesel oil

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Reveal the diesel oil alarm manufacturer of the detector (TEL with diesel oil: 0531-88883789,13969050081 contacts: Manager Li) The diesel oil alarm is with the approval of administration bureau of the quality technical supervision, Ministry of Public Security's fire control products are qualified to evaluate the centre and is put on record, and pass ISO9001: Sincere instrument and apparatus Co., Ltd. in regular manufacturer's Jinan where 2000 quality management systems authorize. The diesel oil alarm is applied to the gas extensively, petroleum, chemical industry, smelt, biochemistry, pharmacy, machinery, service station, gas station, Leng Ku, food factory, kitchen, boiler room, steel plant, electron, spraying, cotton factory of oil, living beings, marsh gas pool, sewer,etc. have a dangerous place of flammable, poisonous harmful gas. The diesel oil alarm is sold to: Shandong - Jiangsu - Hebei - Zhejiang - Liaoning - Tianjin - Henan - Xinjiang - Gansu - Sichuan - Guangdong - Guangxi - Anhui - Fujian - Hubei - Hunan - Chongqing - Yunnan - Ningxia - the Inner Mongol- Jilin - Shanghai - Guizhou - Shaanxi - Shanxi - Jiangxi is when all over China.
The diesel oil alarm is worthy of receiving the gas detector of Model RBT-6000 and forming the system by the warning controller of gas of Model RBK-6000, it is convenient to install the cloth network, to a plurality of centralized control of controll point. Every passway reveals automatically, the liquid crystal is in a poor light, every passway is presumed independently. The diesel oil alarm is in detecting the environment when the gas density exceeds standard or exceeds presetting the calling the police value, give out the sound and only call the police immediately, in order to remind users to take the safety measure, and drive air exhaust, cut off, spray the system, prevent exploding, fire, poisoning, thus ensure the safety in production.
[Main performance ]
Every passway Chinese in a poor light of the liquid crystal reveals
The ability to resist interference is strong, sensitive and reliable, antidusting, moisture-resistant, it is rotten to resist
The applicable scope is wide, have long performance life
Every check point presumes independently, measure history to inquire, presume first grade, the second alarm value independently, the zero point drifts about in the straight location
, fault alarm that the density calls the police
Every passway sound only calls the police, number value of density of every passway reveals
Frequency signal, linking the valve, air blower, 110 alert lights, spraying the system
Mainly prepare against the power to change automatically, self-protection
[Technical indicator ]
The liquid crystal in a poor light reveals: PPM/ %LEL/ VOL%
Working voltage: AC220 V ¡À 20%, 50HZ
Measure the range: 0- 100%LEL/ 0- 999ppm/ 0- 99ppm
Warning volume: Greater than or equal to 85dB
Use the temperature: -20 ¡æ- +60 ¡æ
Use the humidity: Less than or equal to 95% RH
Prepare in electric duration: Greater than or equal to 2.5h
Specification size: 300mm *260mm *95mm (four passways)
Install the way: Wall type, support type,etc.

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