It is real to test the case / high low temperature Jilin

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Comments: Structural characteristic of body of case http://www.sylinpin.comThe body of case adopts the machine tooling of numerical control to shape, the model is elegant in appearance, have the reaction handle to and adopt, easy and simple to handle. The gallbladder adopts and imports advanced stainless steel ( SUS304) in the body of case Mirror panel, the case external bladder-like container adopts A3 stencil plate to gush out and mould, has increased appearance feel and cleanliness. Large-scale the intersection of observation and window enclose light, it keeps to be bright in the case, utilize, generate heat inlaying safety glass in the body, state in the clear observation case at any time. The left side of body of case mixes the test hole of the diameter 50mm, is suitable for connecting testing the cable or signal line uses. The intersection of controller and temperature control adopt, import, touch button instrument all, operate, set for simple. After materials and experimental condition are input, the controller locks functions, prevent people from changing temperature value for touching. Have function that P.I.D makes mathematical calculations automatically, can change the condition of the temperature to revise immediately, make temperature control more accurate and more steady. But apolegamy printer. Freeze and the wind way circulatory system refrigerating machine adopts France original packagingly " The safe health " Totally closed compressor. The frozen system adopts unit or two yuan type low-temperature return circuit system to design. Adopt many wing forced draught blower blow, circulate with strength, avoid dead angle any, can make, test temperature profile even in the area. Wind way circulate, appear wind answer the wind design, wind pressure, wind speed accord with and test the standard, can make, open the door twinkling of an eye temperature fast. Intensify, lower the temperature, the system is totally independent can raise the efficiency, is reduced and tested the cost, increase the life-span, lower the fault rate. Accord with standard GB/T2423.1-2001 GB/T2423.2-2001

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