3M electricity is cold to draw back connecting, 3M cable fitting, 3M cable attachment, sticky tape No. 77

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Create Damien Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. of mining industry and lie in Xuzhou of ancient city, is located in the scientific and technological city of China Mining University with influential science and technology in Xuzhou, it is one that is engaged in 3M power product, British Burton's products, professional sale company that the mining industry university promoted the products of research institute of new technology.The company has outstanding sales teams now, regard rich technological capability as promise, offer the products of the safe and high quality, high cost performance to customer, reciprocate the customer with outstanding products and perfect service, the company will continue being based on good prestige, will inherit stability, development, realistic and spirit innovated, offer more overall, more high-quality services to customer. Keep improving and pursue the perfection and stand high and aim far and bent on making progress to mainly manage: 3M products: Cold contract the intersection of cable and terminal station, cold to connect contract, cable connect head, the intersection of 110KV and the intersection of cable and attachment, 3M reflects light the material, 3M reflects light and brings British Burton: Moderating machine, the university of mining industry of the conveyer of the belt promotes the research institute of the new technology: The rope device of the card, KTZ- ¢ò type entangles the brake protects the system synthetically, the air compressor computer controls the device

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