HVQAC high-pressure circuit have work that compensate the device automatically

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HVQAC serial high-pressure circuits have work that compensate the device automatically

Product introduction:

HVQAC serial high-pressure circuits have work that compensate the device to mainly use automatically

In power system 6- 10kV distribution line, transformer substation bus bar and in it is large

Type work to compensate that enterprise electricity distribution room bus bar,but nearby work work supply

Rate, and

The voltage is lost, improve the power factor of an end, can absorb high effectively at the same time

Harmonic wave once, reduce the pollution of the electric wire netting of harmonic wave, improve electric energy quality effectively

Quantity, the ability that increase the circuit and the electric equipment transmits the active power. Yes

Realize that compensates the ideal without rational distribution of work according to the necessary principle of the circuit


Application: Apply to fields such as electricity, oil field, smelting, casting, electric welding, mining,etc. extensively.

Function characteristic:

The control method is available: The time, voltage, inactive power, power factor make up five kinds of control methods, it is chosen, realize optimization the most of the result that users can be flexible according to the characteristic of load.

The protective measure is complete: The controller has protection of voltage, the electric current is protected, lack protection of looks, uneven protecting, protecting, harmonic protection and switch of 10 minutes of three-phase current and refuse to move and protect etc., guarantee to have no work to compensate the device and run reliably.

Support many kinds of communication ways: Can adopt the wireless way to gather the data in situ, can gather the data remotely in GPRS way too, realize the telesignalling ballad of the device is accused of and carried and maintained far.

Adopt the turning on mutual inductor of electric current of the open air to combine with controller, has overcome the weakness of the regular electric current mutual inductor, not needing disconnection circuit, prevent the high, low line ball from mixing bunch at the same time, it is convenient to install and safeguard.

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