Connection of generating set of North China-Specialize in the diesel engine generator of open firewood / open firewood diesel generator set

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The diesel generator set of open firewood is that the diesel engine adopting the open firewood company to produce is the power, diesel generator set that the high-quality generator produced outside the apolegamy China. The open firewood 135 serial oil engines introduce Austrian AUL Company combustion tec, has strengthened cold starting and power of the oil engine, the oil consumption is lower, the high-power model is equipped with the monitor at the same time, there are four protecting and remote remote control functions. Use it with the petroleum, mine, enterprises and institutions extensively, the relative elevation of the sexual valence, the public praise is very good. The serial generating sets of open firewood 135 have high low cost of running of reliability, maintain the apt advantage of purchasing etc. of fittings easy to use, win trust from the masses of users deeply. The open firewood diesel generator set China of diesel generator set produces 135 Wei firewood diesel generator set China of diesel generator set, Commings of diesel generator set, and produces 135 diesel oil to send The ultra quite diesel generator set of the electric unit helps the firewood diesel generator set

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