All automatic filter of differential pressure type of Kang Ling of Guangzhou

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Insult 020-82301085 websites of Miss Lin of environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. in health of Guangzhou: It is the all automatic filter of new generation that the rich mattress research and development centre develops that the products introduce the all automatic filter of KL-YC series differential pressure type, can filter the suspension material in all low-viscosity liquid effectively. It adopts washing backward, structure of electric brush blowdown, make it have filter area to be old apparatus small compact filtering high in efficiency washing completely, dawdling the intersection of water and advantage such as being little; And filter and go on with blowdown at the same time, no no normal use of the interrupt system either of influence. This product can apply to petroleum, steel, food, chemical industry's, machinery, pharmacy, electricity, agriculture spraying fields such as irrigating, municipal administration, mine and waste water control,etc. extensively. The operating principle is flowed into outside from the inside which strains tube by the filter liquide, the particle impurity is being retained and is straining one tube of insides; Increase with straining dirt of one tube of inside surfaces, the pressure difference of apparatus imports and exports increases, when reaching set point in differential pressure, the automatically controlled system opens the blowdown valve rapidly, causes and strains a tube of internal pressure to reduce sharply, strain tubes of internal and external differential pressure, increase rapidly at this moment, water strain with it, pay strong back flush straining tube. Meanwhile, the automatical control drives the emundans electrical machinery to work, drive the stainless steel to brush to straining tube and paying scrubing, have guaranteed to strain the impurity in one tube of inside surfaces to rinse well completely. When the water inlet and outlet presses difference to get back to set point, the automatically controlled system closes the blowdown valve, emundans electrical machinery automatically; Namely finish a cleaning process.

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