2M( E1) Transfer to the protocol converter of optic fibre

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Sum up: Ai LinKe P-792MF form E1 optical transmission apparatus is the high-performance products that the independence and the initiative of our company researched and developed, produced, capacity reach the dotted light line terminal installation for 30 No. of speech path. This apparatus accords with 2Mbit/s passway where ITU-T/G.703 proposed the requirement. It can last that local network transmission equipment,last optic fibre terminal transmission equipment and lease facilities as base station of the mobile communication network especially. This apparatus is small, light, the appearance is compact, install convenient maintenance; It is high quality to transmit, it is reliable to run. Application: Control system of the industrial automation, long-range meter reading system, long-range computer supervisory control system, products parameters such as Access Control System, attendance supervising system, consuming system, system of car parking, self-service banking system, bus charge system, system of toll gate of the highway,etc.: 1, The optical interface sends the luminous power: -8dBm - -15dBm; Receiving sensitivity: Greater than or equal to - 36dBm; The interface of optic fibre: SC, FC type are available; The format of code of light path: 1B1H; Light module: The single fiber or dual-fiber is available; Applicable optic fibre: The monomode 1310nm or multimode optical fiber is available; Transmission distance: Ordinary 50Km ' Endmost reachable 120Km) ; 2,E1 interface nominal rate: 2048Kbit/s, tolerance ¡À 50ppm; The format of code of interface: HDB3; The impedance of interface: 75¦¸ is (non-equilibrium) ; Interface type: BNC head; 2048Kbit/s digital interface electric property: Accord with ITU-T G.703 to propose; Shaky transfer characteristic: Accord with ITU-T G.823 to propose; Input and shake the tolerance: Accord with ITU-T G.823 to propose; Export and shake: Accord with ITU-T G.823 to propose; 3,The operating temperature of the work environment: 0 ¡æ- 50 ¡æ; Store the temperature: -40 ¡æ- +70 ¡æ; Relative humidity: 5% - 95% have not been condensed; Angry pressure: 86 - 106Kpa; 4,The voltage of condition of power supply: Exchange AC220V AC180V- 240V; Direct-flow DC-48V DC-36V - -72V; Power consumption: Less than or equal to 5W; 5,Physical dimension and weight Single E1 optical transmission apparatus 200* 140* 35mm weight 0.5kg

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