Poling device of the cable

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The description of products: Glass fiber reinforced plastic punch has another name called ' Glass fiber reinforced plastic threading machine, glass fiber reinforced plastic poling device) As to drawing and guiding the handling tool that the rope is outstanding in the pipeline. It can make the punch pass the narrow passway easily that smoothness is imbued with elastic surfaces again. The punch is formed by three parts: Copper core, the intersection of glass fibre and reinforced layer, high to force down the polyethylene protective cover of density (smooth, firm, can resist the severe environment) . Copper core conductor make it can lay with different ways easily not to disclose piece. The steel punch of the glass saves time, save effort, improve advantages such as work efficiency,etc., it can be used for pipeline washing of telecommunications and optical cable, cable and plastics sub tube are placed in. Cover the glass fiber reinforced plastic the pole to draw from guiding the wheel at first while using, then link with the corresponding metal head, in the pipe line of penetration. When being used for clearance, lead the head to drive and clear up tools, can clear up the pipeline; When being used for placing in the cable, can bring the steel wire or iron wire into first, draw the cable and enter the tube with the steel wire or iron wire thereafter. The long 100-500m temperature range of pole foot-path 11-18mm pole - minimum bending radius 295mm of 40 ¡æ to +80 ¡æ draws the fracture tension 4.5T line density 150g/m to build Build and construct the lead wire and use the threading machine of the wall, length 30m, 40m, 60m, 80m, 120m

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