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The letter circuit tool work of space of Hebei was established in 1990, communicated in the flourishing developing period of undertaking in China's reform and opening-up, we have established the first manufacturer which specialize in the module continuing machine of the cable in China in conformity with the demand of the market, have broken the monopoly for many years to the Chinese market of the foreign brand. It is well received by user that the products go on the market. The scientific and technical personnel of our factory rely on enterprise's rich scientific and technological capability and production experience for many years, make the products have one's own intellectual property rights, produce China's unique brand " space letter " The cable module continuing machine of the brand, we are cordial to welcome incoming telegrams of messengers of old and new users to negotiate the business. This product implements three guarantees, you will receive the satisfactory reply and service wholeheartedly. Sell module continuing machine various fittings at the same time, and the American 3M Company module continuing machine fittings are common. Technical indicator First. Operating range 1. Applicable thread diameter: 0.32- -0.8mm. 2.The applicable cable is foreign trade and economic: 10- -83.5mm. 3.Applicable cable logarithm: Do not pack [0.4 ] 20s - - 3000p, does not pack [0.5 ] 20 - - 1600p. 4.Applicable to continue the way: 25 pairs of direct module, multiple module, the module of joint box. 5.Applicable ambient temperature: -40 ¡æ- -70 ¡æ. Two. The hydraulic power system adopts the internationally advanced special pressure limit apparatus. Three. The rigid control of operating pressure range is among 21- - 24Mpa.Four. The weight of telephone exchange: Smaller than 25kg. Five. Appearance size: 230*230*800mm. Six. Appearance color: Iron box of light green color.

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