232/485 turn multimode (monomode) Optic fibre converter

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Sum up: @-LINK P-680 is a RS-232/485/422 of technical grade and translating equipment of the optic fibre. Sy to safeguard etc. not only can lengthen transmission distance, but also it is good to isolate protection, data confidentiality, a great deal of advantages of having steady operation, easy to safeguard etc. n through the transport data of optic fibre. But it is the difficult problem causing and damaging the device interface frequently that it has solved the electric interference, lightning, is struck by lightning etc. completely to be the most master. Especially suitable for in the occasion with more harsh work environment. Product introduction: @-LINK P-680 make optical signal diaphanous to convert RS-232 or RS-422, the intersection of RS-485 and signal to, need jumper wire set up, go on and switch over automatically. A peculiar a time delay automatic send and receive switch technologies and adaptive techniques of the baud rate, the flow direction of the automatic control data, do not need any Handshaking signal to be (such as RTS, DTR) . And this converter has multiple protection measure, the power supply unit has positive and negative that defends connecting inside out and internal overcurrent protection, connect with devices such as transient voltage suppressor and self-healing safety fuse,etc. on 485/422 of the interface, all right overvoltage, excessive load protect products from being damaged doubly. This product has overcome the transmission distance of traditional RS-232 signal short, the shortcoming such as being bad of antijamming capability, it solve at the same time on electromagnetic disturbance, interfere with and strike by lightning ring and electric difficult problem of surging, have improved the reliability, safety of data communication greatly. And this product supports the wall type, industry's guide track style installation. Application: Control system of the industrial automation, long-range meter reading system, long-range computer supervisory control system, Access Control System, the intersection of attendance and supervising system, consume system, the intersection of car parking and system, self-service banking system, the intersection of system,etc. and products parameter, charge system of bus and toll gate of highway: Ø The interface of optic fibre: ST head & Oslash; The wavelength of optic fibre: 850nm Ø Applicable optic fibre: Multimode 62.5/125¦Ì mØ Transmission distance: 0-4 kilometers

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