General agent of the module of Mitsubishi

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A series CPU special price / Mitsubishi Q series PLC / Mitsubishi Q series CPU / A series module of Mitsubishi of MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi

A1SG60, A1SG62, A1SX10, A1SX20, A1SX30, A1SX40, A1SX40-S1, A1SX40-S2, A1SX41, A1SX41-S1, A1SX41-S2, A1SX42, A1SX42-S1, A1SX42-S2, A1S42X, A1SX71, A1SX80, A1SX80-S1, A1SX80-S2, A1SX81, A1SX81-S2, A1SX10EU, A1SX20EU, A1SY10, A1SY18A, A1SY22, A1SY28A, A1SY40, A1SY41, A1SY42, A1SY50, A1SY60, A1SY68A, A1SY71, A1SY80, A1SY81, A1SY10EU, A1SY14EU, A1SY18AEU, A1SY28EU, A1SH42, A1SX48Y18, A1SX48Y58, A1S63ADA, A1S66ADA, A1S64AD, A1S68AD, A1S62DA, A1S68DAI, A1S68DAV, A1ST60, A1S68TD, A1S62RD3, A1S62RD4, A1S64TCTT-S1, A1S64TCTTBW-S1, A1S64TCRT-S1, A1S64TCRTBW-S1, A1SD70, A1SD71-S2, A1SD71-S6, A1SD71-S7, A1SD75P1-S3, A1SD75P2-S3, A1SD75P3-S3, A1SD75-C01H, A1SP60, A1SD75M1, A1SD75M2, A1SD75M3, AD75TU Mitsubishi A, Q series PLC: China variety is the most complete, A of the plentiful stock, Q series stock supplier; There is no type held in store, the stock period of one month. The hardware supplies and presses the packaging of former factory, former factory standard; The hardware guarantees replacement in March, guarantee in one year, maintain all the life, quality assurance. The price is favourable, welcome the incoming telegram to inquire! Welcome to call to consult in Mitsubishi's all serial special price, a large number of stock of company, welcome to call to consult! !
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