Electrical relay in year of fever for Siemens

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Electrical relay of Siemens 3UA hot year -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The electrical relay is suitable for exchanging 50Hz/60Hz in 3UA series hot year, voltage 690V-1000V, the long term operation or over load and phase-failure protection of the general alternating current motor of the disconnected long term operation of the electric current 0.1-400A, can also be used as the overload protection of direct current magnet and direct current motor.The electrical relay has phase-failure protection, temperature compensation, the directive function of tripping, and can be automatic and hand-restoring, movements are reliable, accord with IEC947-4, standards such as VDE0660, GB14048,etc.. The electrical relay can be inserted and installed, can also install with the contact apparatus independently. Characteristic: Series 3UA are electrical relays in double-metal sheet type hot year, trip the grade is Class 10A; Have phase-failure protection of differential type; Have adjustable device continuously of setting currents; Have temperature compensation; Have instruction of tripping; Test the button; Have hand-restoring and automatic reset buttons; Have normally open and a normally closed stylus of the mutually insulated electrically; SIGUT - Siemens' patent termination, the interstar connection is convenient, firm, exposed to high reliability, the antivibration is strong, safe protection is good; Install the way: Insert installation or install with the contact apparatus independently.Lectotype parameter: Item Model technological parameter 3UA5040-OA 0.1-0.16A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-OC 0.16-0.25A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-OE 0.25-0.4A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-OG 0.4-0.63A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-OJ 0.63-1A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-OK 0.8-1.25A, mix 3TF30 3UA5040-1A 1-1.6A, mixes 3TF30 3UA5940-0A 0.1-0.16A, installs independently Some types are as follows: Siemens series 3UA50 continues electric apparatus 3UA50 40-0A 0.1~0.16A in hot year 3UA50 40-0C 0.16~0.25A 3UA50 40-0J 0.63~1A 3UA50 40-0K 0.8~1.25A 3UA50 40-1K 8~12.5A 3UA50 40-1F 3.2~5A 3UA50 40-1H 5~8A 3UA50 40-1C 1.6~2.5A 3UA50 40-1D 2~3.2A 3UA50 40-1A 1~1.6A 3UA50 40-2S 10~14.5A 3UA50 40-1G 4~6.3A 3UA50 40-0E 0.25~0.4A 3UA50 40-0G 0.4! ~0.63A 3UA50 40-1B 1.23~2A 3UA50 40-1J 6.3~10A 3UA50 40-1E 2.5~4A Siemens series 3UA52 continues electric apparatus 3UA52 40-1J 6.3~10A in hot year 3UA52 40-2C 16~25A 3UA52 40-0E 0.25~0.4A 3UA52 40-1A 1~1.6A 3UA52 40-1H 5~8A 3UA52 40-0J 0.63~1A 3UA52 40-1B 1.23~2A 3UA52 40-1G 4~6.3A 3UA20 40-0C 0.16~0.25A 3UA20 40-1D 2~3.2A 3UA52 40-2B 12.5~20A 3UA52 40-0G 0.4! ~0.63A 3UA52 40-1F 3.2~5A 3UA52 40-1K 8~12.5A 3UA52 40-2K 10~14.5A 3UA52 40-1C 1.6~2.5A 3UA52 40-0K 0.8~1.25A 3UA52 40-0A 0.1~0.16A 3UA52 40-1E 2.5~4A Siemens series 3UA55 continues electric apparatus 3UA55 40-8M 36~45A in hot year 3UA55 40-1B 1.23~2A 3UA55 40-0J 0.63~1A 3UA55 40-0K 0.8~1.25A 3UA55 40-1H 5~8A 3UA55 40-2R 32~40A 3UA55 40-1D 2~3.2A 3UA55 40-2B 12.5~20A 3UA55 40-2D 20~32A 3UA55 40-0A 0.1~0.16A 3UA55 40-1E 2.5~4A 3UA55 40-0G 0.4! ~0.63A 3UA55 40-1A 1~1.6A 3UA55 40-1C 1.6~2.5A 3UA55 40-0E 0.25~0.4A 3UA55 40-1G 4~6.3A 3UA55 40-1J 6.3~10A 3UA55 40-2K 10~14.5A 3UA55 40-2Q 25~36A 3UA55 40-1K 8~12.5A 3UA55 40-0C 0.16~0.25A 3UA55 40-1F 3.2~5A 3UA55 40-2C 16~25A Electrical relay of hot year of Siemens series 3UA58 3UA58 40-2F 32-50A 3UA58 40-2C 16-25A 3UA58 40-2V 63-80A 3UA58 40-8W 70-88A 3UA58 40-2E 25-40A 3UA58 40-8A 11-17A 3UA58 40-2U 57-70A 3UA58 40-1G 4~6.3A 3UA58 40-2D 20-32A 3UA58 40-2B 12.5-20A 3UA58 40-2P 50-63A 3UA58 40-2T 40-57A

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