Maintain technology first-classly and credibly with frequency converter of Siemens 010-62978960

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The professional frequency converter of Siemens of maintenance center of the frequency converter is maintained: Series such as 6SE31 MMV/MDV ECO MM420/440 6SE70 6SE71,etc., automatic chemical industries such as servo controller, driver, PLC, direct-flow speed controllers, intelligent instruments,etc. accuse of the products. We have specialized frequency converter maintenance center on the largest scale of China, maintain the group, abundant maintenance experience, rich technological capability in high-quality speciality, the reasonable price of the favour, good business reputation and a large number of fittings stock. We have allocated the advanced maintenance of equipment, can maintain any frequency converter under the condition of not having non allocatur of drawing, any maintains products to generally repair on the same day! A moment served you, it is the attitude that you think about everywhere, offered the fastest guarantee for solving your matter of great urgency. We will be with the enthusiasm of maximum, the swiftest service removes difficulties and alleviates sufferings for you, because we not only can accomplish, can also do better! In our hand, the frequency converter not repaired! In our heart, you are God! Our service aim is the quality first! Reputation first! Principle that consumers first! Improving the service quality constantly, in order to develop more quickly and more high; Serve you wholeheartedly with our sincerity! Maintain the heat ray with frequency converter: 010-62978960 Set up the long-term enterprise frequency converter or periodic maintenance business especially.

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