Plastic heat melting machine

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It is a highly professional and rich new high-tech enterprise that innovates that Suzhou scientifically creates the mechanical equipment company, devoted to the hot molten welding equipment, ultrasonic welding equipment, hot plate welding equipment, fastening and melting the welding equipment and various nonstandard plastics to weld the research and development, design, production and sale of the apparatus. The company depends on " The customer is the highest " Management theory,last all kinds of product constantly, be offered by solutions of cost performance professional overall high to customer suited measures to local conditions. For better meeting customer's demands, can design and make all kinds of high-quality plastic welding equipment and special nonstandard plastic welding equipment according to customer's different requirements. The plastic welding of company's production has an extensive equipment to apply to the non-woven fabrics, each trade such as electron, car lamps and lanterns, stationery, toy, medical products, instrument of the instrument, personal consumables. We believe: The accurate choice is a solution.

Company's idea: Ask production, seek development, ask the market with prestige by scientific and technical innovation with quality!

[Item to manage ]. Hot molten welding machine - riveter
. Plastic welding machine of supersonic wave
. Ultrasonic cleaning machine
. Plastic turnover case riveter
. Rotating rubs the welding machine
. The high frequency plastic melts the meeting at the airport
. Various ultrasonic moulds
. Various hot cocks and heat melt and weld the mould
. Various nonstandard fixtures
. Various nonstandard plastic welding equipments

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