Dry case of burst of air drying Electric oven High-temperature ovenShenyang forest tests the factory frequently

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Products use oven

This product is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, school's, medical treatment and R&D institution's carrying on dryness, baking and sterilization of nonvolatile articles.

Structural characteristic oven of body of case

Case gallbladder adopts the stainless steel mirror panel in the body ' Or stringy board) Argon arc-welding was made, the external gallbladder of case adopted the high-quality stencil plate to gush out and mould and deal with, handsome in appearance and novel. Oven

The hot-blast circulatory system is made up by air blower and special tunnel operating under the high temperature continuously, the temperature is even in the operating room.

Restrict the warm warning system independently, exceed and restrain the temperature from cutting off automatically promptly, guarantee the safe operation of the experiment does not meet accident.

There are large area safety glass viewing panels, the oven for use in observing state of operating room.

Controller oven

Adopt the intelligent temperature controller.

Have regular functions.

The temperature resumes time fast.

Specification and technical parameter oven

The oven has been already accurate through Shanghai to measure testing it has been qualified that the research institute measures, the professional manufacture oven producers of more than ten years; Precise drying test chamber hot wind circulates the oven, the electric oven, electric oven, dry apparatus, drying cabinet, high-temperature oven, accurate oven, electric blast air oven, oven, dry the apparatus, the drum air-dries the dry case

Type (desk-top series) DHG-9023A DHG-9035A DHG-9053A DHG-9055A DHG-9070A DHG-9075A

DHG-9140A DHG-9145A DHG-9240A DHG-9245A DHG-9620A DHG-9626A

Working size (CM) 34*32.5*30 42*39.5*35 45*40*45 55*45*55 60*50*75 80*60*130

Appearance size (CM) 62*54*49 70*61*52 74*61.8*63 84*67*73 88*72*93 97*76*175

Power: 870(W) 1120(W) 1570(W) 2070(W) 2470(W) 3970(W)

The temperature range of oven: RT + 10 ¡æ- 250 ¡æ RT + 10 ¡æ- 300 ¡æ

Control the precision: ¡À 1% (full range) Oven

Fluctuate and spend at constant temperature: ¡À is 1 ¡æ

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ¡æoven

Controller: LED number shows P, I, D +S, S, R. microcomputer integrated controller

Heat the system: The whole systematic independently, nichrome electricity heating heater

Regular range: 1- 9999min oven

Circulatory system: High temperature resistant electrical machinery with low noise. Leafy type at odds with the community or the leadership wind wheel

Safe protection: Electric leakage, shorting out, ultra and warm, the electrical machinery is overheated and crossing the electric current to protect

Enter (appear) Air volume function: Regulate the knob manually

Power voltage: AC220V 50Hz oven

Oven baffle( One) : Mark and mix 2, if need to increase the baffle, can prove before ordering goods

The principal products of business:
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