Triumphant KH-ML type small electric current device of China

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KH-MLLittle electric current earthing system


Earthing KH-ML small electric current is suitable for the little electric current earthing systems of the transformer substation, power plant 3KV, 6KV, 10KV, 35KV, 66KV voltage grade systematically, when the single-phase earthing trouble takes place, can elect the earth connection way automatically, and quote the time of the trouble.


Select the line scheme to adopt the harmonic wave to analyze that combine little wave analytic approach and a preface energy law of the steady state course of the attitude course temporarily.

Chinese characters of the liquid crystal reveal technology, easy to operate, apt to understand, it is easy to debug.

Have offered complete spreading interface and many kinds of communication protocols far.

Have definite value presume, adopt incomplete to flow incremental approach make device run into way and the intersection of earthing and the intersection of transition and influence of resistance

Wide in applicable scope,ground / disappear into coil earthings arc characteristic neutral without being suitable fored /from resistance earthing systems large, last overhead wire / cable line system, there are no limitations on the size thread.

The device limited size: 446x178x335x (width x high and x deep) (mm)

The panel opens hole size: 450x179 (width x high) ( mm)

Three,Technical indicator:

Environmental condition: Applicable temperature - 20 ¡æ~~ +45 ¡æ, above sea level to less than or equal to 3000, relative temperature less than or equal to 90%, atmospheric pressure 80Kpa ~~110Kpa, has no gas of corrosivity and conductive dust.

Systematic voltage: 66KV, 35KV, 10KV, 6 KV, 3 KV

Working power: AC220V+10%

It is counted that the circuit happens: Less than or equal to No. 28

Mother line segment route: Less than or equal to 4 sections

Four,The notice of ordering goods:

Offer mother line segment to count, the total number qualified for the next round of competitions

Interface way of the communication (RS485 or RS252) And the stipulations

Whether need to trip.

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