The voltage lowers the protecting device DPI temporarily

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Precise Shanghai can the intersection of power and the intersection of Science Technologies Co., Ltd. and speciality offer voltage lower DPI- product function of protecting etc. temporarily?Offer one stand voltage that voltage break down and lower temporarily that duration less than 3 second cross over the solution to production control. ?Support apt component for example contactor, relay, electromagnetic coil, and PLC influenced to lower control the component while being other temporarily voltage. ?Without battery, do not need safeguarding or changing. ?From line system, fast '< 700??)??? ??????? ,???????? >350000 hours. ?Until with other while offering scheme -like product to compare, such as while supplying power for PLC or direct-flow contactor, it is about 5 times higher that the voltage lowers and protects the cost performance going against the becoming device DPI suddenly, and its way to insert the system is simpler. Compared with UPS, the long-term expenses of DPI are lower, firmer, is suitable for the industrial environment. Compared with CVT, DPI is stronger to different adaptive capacity that supports, offer longer leap and more accurate control. DPI operation principle is in spare condition, the static switch supports electric energy supply directly, go against the becoming device and close and the electric capacity is filled fully. The electricity has been monitored and deviated from all the time in the city, once deviate from and mark and is called the voltage and goes beyond the preserving value, the static switch will break and go against the becoming device works. This switches over course and can be finished in less than 700us. Once the intersection of city and electricity resume in setting for time, can synchronize with electricity of market, take then will support, cut, answer, power by the intersection of city and cable against turn voltage into, electric capacity fully charge to make, go against person who become lower, make preparation for compensating temporarily for next time voltage within less than one second. If has not resumed in the electricity of inner city of time of settlement, no matter how the voltage at this moment is, also it is sure to go back to the electricity of market to support and supply power.

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