Cable wire-setting frame, the wire-setting frame of drum, hydraulic wire-setting frame

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Combining type the wire pedestal ' Wire distributing frame) Production code number 15141 15142 15143 Type SIPZ-3 SIPZ-5 SIPZ-7 applicable drum plate foot-path (mm) Less than or equal to ¦Õ 2000 Less than or equal to ¦Õ 2400 Less than or equal to ¦Õ 2500 One is wide (mm) Less than or equal to 1200 1000-1200 1700 The shaft hole diameter (mm) ¦Õ 65-80 ¦Õ 76-103 ¦Õ 120 all-up weights (t) 357 braking effort (kN) 222 put the linear velocity (m/min) 100 100 100 Weight (kg) 170 250 320

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