FC-FC optic fibre jumper wire

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The free and unfettered forest money space communicating device factory of Cixi is that one is devoted to the main distribution frame (MDF) ,Digital distribution frame (DDF) ,Fiber distribution frame (ODF) ,Development and sale of products such as comprehensive wiring,etc.; Under the care and support of the masses of users, enterprise staff are pioneering and keeping forging ahead constantly. The staples is as follows, the module of fastener joint, security personnel arrange, protective cell, stainless steel halt by operating oar. The comprehensive wiring products are as follows, distribution frames, module, jumping the bobbins, cable supervisor, connecting wire-cutting pincer and wire-clamping knife, the other products have shutting and ballast specialized policy and various punch press one of optical cable splice. Enterprises have structural MDF products supply of many kinds of knowledge, the letter business is used from for the manufacturing enterprise to form a complete setting to supply power; MDF manufacturer of enterprises and the Chinese alpine yarrow name has established related cooperation relation, some products are exported the commission agent and exported to foreign countries, experience, technology and after service before complete selling of utilizing us to accumulate for a long time, offer MDF products of the high-quality, low-price to the masses of users. The company is influential, have batch experienced professional and technical personnel. The company has been following the quality first, the highest service aim of prestige all the time, and is innovating the spirit of developing new product constantly.

The gold space people of today hope to cooperate with every colleague sincerely, create brilliance

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