Panasonic PLC first class agent, FPG-C32TH( AFPG2543) ,

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AFPG3467 (FPG-XY64D2T) AFPG430 (FPG-PP11) AFPG432 (FPG-PP12) AFPG431 (FPG-PP21) AFPG433 (FPG-PP22) AFPG201 (FPG-EM1) AFPG2543 (FPG-C32T) AFPG2643 (FPG-C32T2) AFPG2423 (FPG-C24R) AFPG2543TM (FPG-C32TTM) AFPG2643TM (FPG-C32T2TM) AFPG2423TM (FPG-C24R2TM) AFPG2653TM (FPG-C28P2TM) AFPG2543T02 (FPG-C32T02) AFPG801AFPG802AFPG803 (FPG-COM3) AFPG806AFPG804 (special cell) The FP¡Æ series programmable controller FP¡Æ of electrician of Panasonic is leading the runner in small-scale PLC, it adopts the substantial communication function of pluggable unit of the communication module, can realize the position control of maximum 00kHz, it is non-maintaining and considering the structure of the data backup, high speed, the communication insertion card that the abundant real number operation function can be chosen to reflect freely, RS232C * 2 channel type / RS232C * 1 channel type / RS485 * 1 channel type, in one unit CPU, can only use a certain communication insertion card. 1.Communication (use RS232C * Communication option of Model 2ch) Offer it with the display panel and passway where the computer schedule RS232C apparatus connected with, including programming mouth, can have 3 communication ports at most, the control limit of a control device is more extensive, RS232C port in 2 passways can use MEWTOCOL computer interlinkage or common communication pattern arbitrarily. 2 PLC interlinkage (use RS485 Model * 1ch communication option) Can realize, 16 stand interlinkage continue some device 1024 o'clock, 128 the intersection of word and the intersection of interlinkage and PC-Link of register, have genuine function of PLC to hit scale, although is small-scale PLC, can not need programming to realize information acquisition. 3.Position control, the maximum 100kHz of pulse output can realize maximum 100kHz (60kHz * 2ch while using 2 passways) Trapezoid last deceleration to control,can control by sum servomotor on stepping motor, offer the trapezoid to control, return to the initial point, such specialized advanced orders as inching runs. 4. last maintenance question of apparatus after assembling way Flash ROM,it and last Flash ROM ways built-in, because needn't carry on the procedure reservely. So needn't change the battery! 5.The backup battery (but option) To needing to carry on the use of data hold, offer the battery unit, can carry on the complete backup to the data register district, the data of the calendar clock can be reserve by the battery too. 6.Allocate 2 adjustable potentiometers and is equipped with 2 analog quantity adjusting knobs whose definition is 1/1000, can serve as analog quantity timer,etc.. 7.12 points in exporting at 16 o'clock of transistor-resistor logic with short-circuit protecting function, the transistor-resistor logic 8 with short-circuit protecting function of color. The password function, in order to prevent the accident after dispatching from the factory changes the procedure definitely or protects source program from being stolen, can set up the password function. 9.Memory it is built-in for explanatory note I/O explanatory note can with procedure together load body,last system keeping by a wide margin. 10. PID control PID control command,can go on since setting, to realize is simple and convenient, high-performance control. Products order number: FP¡Æ - C32TH control unit of the name type AFPG2543RS232C the intersection of 1ch AFPG801FP¡Æ and module insert pieces of RS232C 2ch AFPG802RS485 1ch AFPG803FP¡Æ with the battery (take the interface unit)AFPG804FP0 installs the strap 30 type AFPG8011 (10) Note) : At the time of FP¡Æ programming, need to use the programming tool software FPWIN GR Ver.2 lectotype of Windows edition: Panasonic FP - ¦² (FP-G) Serial the intersection of PLC and detailed introduction adopt the intersection of communication module and the intersection of card and substantial communication function can realize maximum position control of 100Hz reflect getting non-maintaining and structure to consider data backup The high-speed, abundant real number operation function is while keeping the fuselage small and exquisite, using simply and conveniently according to the standard of small-scale PLC, the function with medium-sized PLC of year substantiates the communication function greatly, promotes the controllability of position greatly, realize remarkable maintenance

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