E1( 2M) Transfer to Ethernet protocol converter

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Ai LinKe P-792M E1/10(100) BaseT Ethernet converter is the accession equipment of subscriber station that our company researches and develops by oneself. This apparatus is to regard super large-scale application-specific integrated circuit as the ether data formed of the core and realize the apparatus that the subscriber data inserts through E1 transmission net, enable ether data, transmit in 1 E1, use on can very convenient existing abundant E1 resource set up the ether data network of broadband fast in the public network. Ai LinKe P-792M E1/10( 100) Base-T Ethernet converter offers the connecting interface (2M bandwidth altogether) of one E1 ,10/100M ether data interface of a mesh wire adaptation of level-crossing. System installation is simple, can carry on the disposition according to the network requirement, such as using the acquiescence disposition, power on, it is instant using to open electricity. Characteristic characteristic: Offer one UTP mouth, network card of the connective or HUB. (positive and negative line adaptation) 10,The netlist of local area of 000MAC address, support the overlengthy data frame to be transparent and transmit. The flowrate is available, it reaches 15, 000 frames per second to filter and transmit the speed. Built-in power can apolegamy exchange 220V or direct current - 48V.

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