Electrical relay TQ2-12V of Panasonic

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Electrical relay TQ2-12V original packaging new goods of Panasonic. The long-term special price is supplied from stock, inquiries are welcome.

The description of products: Tasting ROSH to authorize brand-newly and original packaging (environmental protection)

Brand: Panasonic

Type: Signal relay
The series: Series TQ
Type: TQ2-12V

Physical dimension (mm) : 14.0* 9.0* 5.0mm( L* W* H)
Weight: 1.5g

Contact parameter:

Contact form: 2C( DPDT)

Contact load: 1A30VDC, 0.5A125VAC
Impedance: Less than or equal to 50m¦¸
Rated current: 1A

Electrical endurance: Greater than or equal to 200,000 times
Mechanical life: Greater than or equal to 100 million times

Coil parameter:
Resistance-value (10% of person) : 1028¦¸
Coil power consumption: 140mW
Nominal voltage: DC12V
Attracting voltage: DC9V
Release voltage: DC1.2V
Operating temperature: -40 ¡æ- +85 ¡æ
Insulation resistance: Greater than or equal to 1000M¦¸
The withstand voltage among coil and contact: 1000VAC/1 minute
The withstand voltage among contact and contact: 1000VAC/1 minute

Series TQ2

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