Make room four order air and liquid blowers loyally

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1. Regard compressed air as the power source, easy to operate.
2. Noises produced while awaiting the opportune moment that there is no oil hydraulic system, can save the lowering production cost of power consumption.
3. Utilize the pressurized principle of empty oil, reach the quick action, the requirement for high out force.
4. The multi-functional use is suitable for pressing in, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting off,etc..
5. The adjustment of exerting oneself is easy, so long as adjust the pressure of atmospheric pressure, can reach the required pressure, it is simple and convenient.
6. The structure is firm, it is easy to operate, upper and lower material are convenient, accord with operating efficiency.
7. Paying attention to requirement for putting the constructional design, special specification is made to order acceptably on four sliding pillar types door.

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