Active to strain the wave device

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Products summary
Transmit electricity and the distribution system operates under the circumstances that the frequency is 50Hz sine electric current and sine voltage wave form. And non-linear the intersection of power consuming and apparatus of load, connect affiliation, cause systematic the intersection of voltage and wave form distortion as commutating device, frequency converter, electric arc furnace, produce the harmonic electric current, will cause danger to the power system, in order to reduce the pollution of the electric wire netting of harmonic wave, whom our company develop BF-2B-103 active to strain the intersection of wave and device can carry on to size and harmonic wave and inactive power and three-phase changed fast that frequency change unevenly real-timely Follow and compensate, thus improve electric energy quality, raise and offer the apparatus efficiency of power consuming, reduce the efficiency that the electric wire netting losses. The main technical feature of this apparatus reaches the international most advanced level, the best choice of the quality problem comprehensive administration apparatus of electric energy that it is electric harmonic wave, inactive power to fluctuate and three phases are uneven,etc..
Active to strain the intersection of wave and device by the intersection of order and the intersection of electric current and the intersection of operation and circuit and compensate electric current take place circuit make up. Compensate for harmonic electric current or offset, dispel the harmonic wave voluntarily, thus realize the harmonic trends to electricity, manage fast and completely. While straining the wave, its operation circuit of order can have no work to compensate the demand according to measuring to, control the compensation electric current of its inside to export holding and perceptual base wave electric current, have no work to compensate in real time. Compensate the uneven three-phase inactive power separately, and can until three share direct-flow energy storage systematic to go on, regulate alternatively to the intersection of the strategic hinterland of China and active power in the circuit in the apparatus, thus support and correct the equilibrium to three phases unevenly.

Characteristic of the products
The electric current follows the speed high, ripple small and lossing low;
The harmonic wave is strained except that rate is high, to the harmonic wave of goal, strain effectively except that ability can reach 97%;
Strain it except numerous harmonic wave at the same time, can strain except that to harmonic wave 50 times at most;
The a little brilliant alloy magnetic core reactor of the low loss, the noise is low, high in efficiency;
Can presume harmonic wave divide time into compensate the function;
The optic fibre is driven, safe, reliable, the ability to resist interference is strong;
Control algorithms to be advanced, adapt to various complicated scenes, can compensate the cupboard to use with the electric capacity in parallel;
The current transformer module is designed, the power is high, installs and convenient in density;

Service condition
Environment: Install in the room, clean environment
Ambient temperature: -10- 40 ¡æ(can accommodate wider ambient temperature to lower holding appropriately)
Store the temperature: -25- 70 ¡æ
Relative humidity: 95% biggest RH (not congeal to reveal)
The height above sea level: 1000m (can hold to lower appropriately to be higher and above sea level)

Technical indicator
Compensate the way: The three-phase the strategic hinterland of China is made / three-phase Line four is made
Working voltage: 400V ( -20%- +15%) Or 690V¡À 15%
Operating frequency: 50/60Hz ¡À 5%
Effective response time: Respond to instantly<0.1mS, totally respond to <20mS
The active power losses: Less than or equal to 3% of the amount and compensate the capacity
The electric current measures the way: Available the intersection of source and electric current find or load current find the way

Type of the products
BF- 2B- 103-
BF - -Company name ( Baoding Palestine Side)
2B - -Products array
103- -Serial number of product design
--Compensate the electric current

Order notice
1,Harmonic electric current composition of the system and content;
2,Power and power factor;
3,Capacity that the system shorts out;
4,Power factor needing reaching.
Note: If users need, our company can offer on-the-spot system measurement to user, and offer the intact systematic solution

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