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The spring frequency converter of leaf of Zibo of Shandong, please contact Li Ning ( 13371560696) 13365331630 deep and vast strong 13506432581 C300 series frequency converters of Zhang XianChun are one, on the basis of Model MINI frequency converter without sensor electric current vector control, (V/F control mode is an optional function) Its appearance is exquisite, compact, the characteristic is remarkable. Have outstanding low frequency running torque characteristic and lasting accuracy of rotational speed. Four kinds of operation panels are replaced very compatibly and each other; The big operation panel must use together with base while connecting, the small operation panel needn't mix the base while connecting. Series ABB-800/510/550; Japan cultivates series SHF/SPF three times; There are Japanese Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fuji,etc. brand; Brand of rising etc. of producing frequency converter Shenzhen all sides in China, Ann is general, Great Britain is majestic; With " excellent price preferably service " Cooperative partner wishing to preferably become with you. Shenzhen " An Pu " Office in Zibo of the frequency converter. Wholesale price!

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