Szjmzz accurate casting - heat-resisting wear-resisting steel guide plateLead and defend

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Hello! We are precision casting Co., Ltd. of divine boat of Yancheng. We supply the guide plate to lead and defend. Details please think our website: Our company specializes in metallurgy and special alloy material and studies the enterprises developed in telephone number 0515-85913929 13655116900. Have: Equip facilities in centrifugal casting, precision casting, the casting of mould disappears, machine work, surface treating,etc.. Produce various high nickel, high chromium, heat-resisting, wear-resisting steel casting. The staples is as follows, stoves such as the charging tray of the heat treatment, material basket, support, guide rail, alloy slide block, gyro wheel, step-by-step stove heat-resisting steel,etc. use the framing member; Various types of barge claw series, refute and connect series, switching one, bracing piece, draw bar lock head, draw bar series, glass suspension clamping, glass rib cleat series, steel wire rope bracing piece, asking for the series of the anchorage device; Ship casting, connecting plate, stainless steel tableware, exquisite knife, filter, hinge, hammer are first class. Trade of applying to heat treatment, metallurgy, chemical industry's, machinery, shipbuilding, building's mounting extensively etc.. Our company has already passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management systems are authorized. People will serve the divine boat wholeheartedly for old and new users, Chinese and foreign friends. Make the win-win way together hand in hand. Obey the wishing trader Qi! Contact: Manager Han

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