CAN - transfer to the optic fibre converter

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Sum up: CAN bus line (the inhouse network of control device) It is a kind of serial communication network that supported distributed control or real time control effectively, the application area of CAN spreads all over the multicircuit network from high speed network to low cost, its bit rate reachable 1M bit/s. In the electronic field of automation, it is very extensive that CAN bus line uses. However, it must be apt to receive a great deal of electromagnetic disturbance from nature as a kind of electric interface, a lot of users use CAN bus line optic fibre converter to solve the electromagnetic interference problem in the project, and lengthen the transmission distance of CAN bus line to several kilometers even several myriameters. Product introduction: @-LINK (Ai LinKe) P-685 make optical signal diaphanous to convert CAN-Bus/RS-232 to, need jumper wire set up, go on and switch over automatically, detect signal rate, a time delay automatic retransmission that and can be automatic. Because of adopting the transport data of optic fibre, not only can lengthen transmission distance, but also it is good to isolate protection, data confidentiality, a great deal of advantages of having steady operation, easy to safeguard etc., but because earth potential burn with apparatuses caused between the different node, and the interference that strong electromagnetic induction, upper voltage cause, and can work during requiring the explosion proof environment safely. The components and parts, through screening strictly, has really accomplished technical grade in P-685 converter, especially suitable for in the occasion with more harsh work environment. And this product supports the wall type, industry's guide track style installation. Application: Industrial control, alarm system of fire control, DCS, data collecting system, expressway charge system, proceeding control and making, electric system gather interconnecting to control system, remote terminal, products parameter: The interface of optic fibre: The interface of multimode ST, the wavelength of optic fibre of the monomode SC interface: Multimode 850nm, monomode 1310nm applicable optic fibre: Multimode 62.5/125¦Ì m, monomode 9/125um transmission distance: Multimode 2 kilometers, transmission rate of 20 kilometers of monomode: 0 --500K bps automatic detect signal rate (CAN-Bus mouth) 300 --115200bps adaptation (RS-232 mouth) CAN agreement: Support CAN1.0, CAN2.0 standard bus to support: Can connect 110 apparatus work patterns on CAN-Bus: RS-232 and CAN-Bus auto-switch, do not need to jump the line interface to protect: CAN-Bus every line has 600W striking by lightning, electric interface of surge protection: RS-232 is that DB9 hole CAN-Bus is that a connecting terminal power of the standard industry is 3.5mm socket or industry's connecting terminal operating temperature: -20 degrees of C --C working humidity of 70 degrees: 5 --Input voltage 95%: 5VDC and 9-30VDC direct current power supply opposing connection protected: Power have opposing connection protect between the positive pole and negative pole ' 9-30V) Power consumption: Smaller than 1W volume: 75*64*24 (mm) Install the way: Wall type, and DIN more guide rail ' Apolegamy)Operation method: DB9 hole end pin defined: Guide the foot 2 3 5 RS-232 and define TXD RXD GND connecting terminal pin is defined: CAN-Bus CAN_H CAN_L 9-30V power VCC GND When the transmission distance is farther, in order to avoid reflection and back wave of the signal, propose receiving the matched resistance of access terminal of end, its resistance-value is generally between 100 to 140¦¸, the representative value is 120¦¸, 1/4W. The pilot lamp proves: PWR pilot lamp: After connecting up the power, light, PWR of red, light, represent converter power normal the intersection of TXD/RXD and pilot lamp: When it is accepted, sent that there are data in this side of optic fibre, green RXD, TXD lantern fair glimmer according to the frequency of the data. If the converter was not inserted in the fiber optic net the green RXD will be lighted, represents the optical fibre link is disconnected. After there are optic fibres to insert to and accept the shaven head, RXD light should go out. RXD light should all go out when before the optic fibre converter of both ends receives and dispatches the data, normal, represent already the hardware has been connected on the optical fibre link. Trouble and exclusion: 1, Data communication fails to check the red PWR light should be lighted as green RXD light Normally on when the mains voltage, interstar connection are correct, normal, check that accepts, sends two optic fibres to connect inside out, the line of optic fibre ruptures to check whether RS-232 interface thread order checks whether the connecting terminal is connected well correctly, 2, data lose or check improperly inside out whether CAN_H and CAN_L receive the both ends data rate of the data communications equipment, form are identical when the transmission distance is farther, can try to be receiving the end and inserting 120¦¸¡¢ 1/4W terminal matched resistance

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