LS(LG) Electrical relay

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LS overload relay can be installed on contact apparatus directly, or install on additional base or support alone.

1,Standard form: GTH-22, GTH-40, GTH-85, GTH-100, GTH-150, GTH-220, GTH-400, GTH-600

2,The protective type of the open phase: GTK-22, GTK-40, GTK-85, GTK-100, GTK-150, GTK-220, GTK-400, GTK-600

3,The protective relay of the motor: GMP22-2P, GMP22-2S, GMP22-2T, GMP22-3P(R) ,GMP22-3S(R) ,GMP22-3T(R) ,GMP40-2P, GMP40-2S, GMP40-2T, GMP40-3P(R) ,GMP40-3S(R) ,GMP40-3T(R) ,GMP80-2S, GMP80-3S(R) ,GMP60T

4,Miniature thermorelay: GTH-12M, GTK-12M

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